Friday, June 19, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--June 20, 2009

One of the easiest ways to get nowhere in life is to have a pessimistic attitude and approach towards all things. Each time you say or think in those terms, what you do is send signals to the universe that you want to continue to be discouraged. In addition, can anyone who has pessimism as their rally cry, tell Spirit what good it has done you? You instill a deeper sense of hopelessness in yourself. The other aspect, in our thoughts, is that you have a negative reach to everyone you are connected to. It is not an effective way to be, unless you are trying to set limitations on your family and friends.

That last line was intentionally a bit facetious. We know that none of you want to live pessimistically, but you have been living a life ingrained with it. Some of it came from picking up on the tones and teachings from your childhood. This is not your fault. That said, you have the necessary means to change the tone you set forth. We highly doubt that you want to continue a trend of struggles in all areas, as well as to elongate your thoughts to any of your close family or friends. Instead, we ask that you become more conscious of every time you think a thought that has a foundation of a poor attitude or outcome. By moving your mind chatter to the forefront, you have taken a huge step. You are showing the universe that you are ready to embrace a life of love, prosperity and optimism, simply because you willingly replace the negative thoughts with something--anything--that is positive. It is easier to do then you are pessimistically thinking right now.

Spirit puts out a challenge to you. First, we want to know if you followed through on our suggestions from a few days ago? If not, then make your lists now. If you started and lost interest after a day or two; begin anew! Secondly, we want you to spend one full day making sure you correct each and every unhealthy mental creation--your pessimistic thoughts--by restating what you want in a positive way. If you can string a few days together, this practice will leave you feeling hopeful, not without hope. This is not a difficult task. All it requires is a bit of patience and the awareness of how people around you respond. No doubt, good things will start to happen for all who are important to you, as you will not be setting out vibrations that hold everyone in place. This is your time to grow! Be an example for others! Let them see what a difference a refreshing change in philosophy can bring! All people are tethered to the golden strings of God’s soul. Make sure you try not to break this bond. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit. Share them with as many people as you think will benefit from them.
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Jim said...

The essence of success is found through optimism and a positive approach to life, isn't it?
Great uplifting message!

Jim Fargiano said...

Thanks, Jim. You apparently have two reasons to be thankful for. One here and one who is watching over you.

Diane said...

"All people are tethered to the golden strings of God’s soul."

I love that thought! What a beautiful picture I have in my mind!

Thanks Jim!