Friday, June 12, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--June 13, 2009

Anger and emotions can completely disrupt our intended, loving pattern in life. We must all learn to deal with these things in the most practical way. Giving power to them will only increase the likeliness of receiving more anger and emotional situations in return. Basically, you must begin to quiet your mind enough to listen to your thoughts. Are they strung together with aspects of frustration towards others? What about being annoyed with your own choices and the things that you have done to stall or prevent yourself from experiencing happiness on a deeper, more permanent level? Do you let your emotions interject fear? Conversely, how do you feel when you are happy?

We asked that last question for a reason. Most people are able to see that there is a lightness about them when happiness replaces anger. There are many ways to control emotions and anger. One sure way is through meditation. We will leave it to each individual to find the best form to fit your needs. However, it is important to remember that the Buddhist theology acknowledges a form that is akin to infinite compassion and kindness. While this is a perfect thing to visualize, it has to also be said that when you deny these emotions within yourself, the only result is frustration with yourself, and also towards others who are innocent. Be clear in your mind that if you are going to broaden your own spirituality and powers, that it can be a hindrance if you do not allow the flow of life to take place. What we mean is that while you are on a quest for relaxation of both, body and mind, that you can undo any good that can be derived from a higher attunement of your energies and chakras. We want you to absorb the luxurious gift of love and angelic harmony that can come from ridding yourself of anger and unfair or unbalanced emotions.

It is understood by all of the Masters in spirit, including Buddha and Jesus, that your efforts are signs that you want to feel compassion for yourself. Let those in the Kingdom of God come to your rescue. Stop feeling unhealthy emotions towards those who hurt you, intentionally or not. Stop feeling unhealthy emotions when you view who you are. With the inspiration of true guidance that can come from being in the form of oneness with Spirit, you have no excuses. If you are not trusting what you receive during these prayerful states of mind, then it is your mind that is getting in the way. Allow yourself to come to life! Feel the blessings and gift of love that all purposeful, loving teachers can give you. Remember, you are in a life that is largely controlled by emotions. As you flow with the infinite kindness that is given to you, your hearts will be healed. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.
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K. Frangeskos said...

Hi Jim,
Another great is sometimes difficult to let go of the hurt, that others impose on us. Time is a healer.


When you get a moment, could you please visit my blog site and let me know what you think...

Thank you and best regards,
K. Frangeskos

Anonymous said...

Jim, today's message is what I needed to hear. THANK YOU

TivaJoy said...

I thought this was very helpful today, Jim.
Just got back from vacation, to my ever-so-stressful job. Even though I was gone for a week, things are still the same.
Been working on being authentic to myself and expressing myself better, instead of keeping it all inside. It's a better way of communicating, but doesn't eliminate the angry feelings altogether.
Thank you for the tips and helpful hints. And thank you to the spirits that speak to you... I swear they are watching me and talking to you. LOL!

Take care, Jim. And keep 'em coming!

Have a great weekend!
~Tiva Joy

Diane said...

I was so angry and upset right before I read your blog. It made me laugh to think that Spirit knows exactly who is going to be reading their messages.

"Stop feeling unhealthy emotions towards those who hurt you, intentionally or not." It's not easy to do, but necessary for peace of mind.

Thank you Jim.

Jim said...


I've said this before but the more I read these beautiful messages, the more they seem personalized to my situations. Once more, many thanks for bringing these messages to us.

Jim Fargiano said...

Thank you for posting your thoughts. K.F.--I left a comment on your site.
All any of us can do is to keep trying to live the right way. Sometimes, it may seem to be a humbling experience. The upside is that we're all in it together, so there is plenty of help to be shared.