Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--June 18, 2009

When each of you were born, you were supplied with all the tools to fulfill this lifetime. They may come to you in unexpected ways. For instance, you could be feeling sorry for yourself, or in your mind, down on your luck. You might find yourself at the store, and while waiting on line you overhear a conversation that someone around you is having that is of complete relevance to how you feel. Answers are given to you, despite the fact that from a physical perspective you may not have thought the words were yours. Remember, nothing happens by accident. Even during small episodes as we just outlined, the Creator of life timed it perfectly for you.

Basically, our message today is more about trying to encourage and motivate you to feel the love and success that human life was designed to have. It will not happen when you choose to stay stagnant. Your happiness always has choices. The greatest tool you have is your voice, but equally important are your actions. If you are to ever feel relieved of your burdens, instead of burrowing your way under the covers, stick your head out and look at the horizon. If it does not ring with optimism and elation, then it is time to reach out via your words or conduct to emancipate yourself from stifling and limiting situations. We find that there are many times when you don’t even realize how deep in the proverbial quicksand you have lodged yourself. This is especially important to those of you who are enduring relationships that are not healthy or healing.

On the topic of relationships, we do not always intend for that to sound like personal relationships. There is a relationship to everything in the world. It can come in connection with your job, your pets, kids, and even your car or home. All of this is comprised of the energy you put forth. If you consistently refuse to see your own goodness, then you have that energy emanate from you to all these examples and more. So, how do you want to resolve it? Is it easier to let someone else take care of it for you? Many times, that answer could be “yes.” However, in this case we are imploring you to change your pattern. Over and over, we see those who are cemented the most in their situations have the most resistance to changing them.

We have mentioned your voice for a reason. It can be ratcheted up so you can reach out to people who can assist you. It can also be used to reverberate to the highest of Light sources--God and Spirit. Jesus or Buddha would never turn their backs on anyone who looked to them for help when they had a life of physical embodiment. The same holds true now that each of them is in a state of ethereal light. In fact, they are more powerful. Most of you who struggle, tend to look past all the people who they have sent to you to guide you towards lives of inner tranquility. Time after time, we see some of you repeat the same unhealthy routines while deluding yourselves by thinking, “this time it will be different.” Unless the people involved in your relationship, or the “inanimate” objects that have a correlation with your destiny have chosen to work in the same dynamic, then you are just further delaying your journey to peace. Within you is the power to change. Embrace it! These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.
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Anonymous said...

Great message.

Diane said...

How many times I continued on the same path in a relationship thinking "this time it will be different" and the end result was always the same.

Thanks Jim. This message is wonderful!