Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--June 19, 2009

If we look at compassion, most people will not understand the depth of the word. Compassion controls your state of mental peace. We could also say the your state of peace dictates compassion. You cannot have this emotion without first seeing all people, even your so-called enemies, at the same level. Seeing all people in a manner of equality is vital to your personal and soul growth. It enhances the richness of your life in many ways.

Perhaps what we are trying to express has more to do with a sense of equanimity for all of God’s work. How can you express compassion for some people or things without feeling it for all? It is virtually impossible to do because you end up dictating who or what is worth more than other people or things. What level of growth can you find if the underlying aspect of your motivation is to segregate one from another? In a sense, you are trying to place a label on everything, thereby separating many of life’s potential joy. You are also telling the universe that you expect to be seen as unequal in the eyes of some people. That said, you are not allowing for total and fulfilled peace to be given to you from every fabric of life.

Since our goal is to encourage each of you as to reach your pinnacle of success, both from a physical and soul standpoint, then we truthfully need you to assist in our endeavors. Only you can open the pathways to reap the benefits of a universe that is infinite in all things, both good and bad. With that knowledge, you must always put yourself on equal footing with all others. In the eyes of the highest Masters, such as Jesus and Buddha, all are worthy of loving treatment. Even those who you disagree with have the ability to bring lessons to you. They can contribute mightily to your understanding of the right or wrong way to expand your personal life.

Our bottom line in this simple message is that life must be nourished in all ways. The fastest way to accomplish this is to feel true compassion; for that will lead to passion. Being passionate about your life will always set you out on the journey of steps to create the love and richness that is intended for you. Simplify the way you look at others. Embrace the power of your soul. Embrace the power of the angelic entities who surround you. Let your heart be open to all good things without prejudice. If you can do this, then you are removing all blockages preventing the influx of happiness and wealth. Absorb this message, because we want all of you to awaken each day with the feeling of true elation and love. Take this hug from the angels. It is yours! May you always be able to feel the depth and compassion of love from the sources of Light who guide and nourish you. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful message.

Terry said...

Sometimes I think to myself that I am a peaceful person. When I look deeper I see that I am peaceful and I show love and respect to my family, friends, acquaintances but when it comes to people who are wrong minded towards me or to those I love then I do not feel so peaceful or kind or compassionate. That is the true challenge for me. To get beyond those feelings of disdain or judgment or even disgust. That does not mean boundaries should not be set but I need to work on the judgment thing. It is so easy to be good and nice when things go our way with those we love but it is so "easy to be hard" with those we do not like. I pray to get beyond that. I think it will be a lifelong challenge.

Jim Fargiano said...

Terry, you have to learn to be annoyed or angry with the act that offends you, not the person behind it. If you are able to disconnect from the human being, then it is easier to release the anger. Hope that makes sense.

Terry said...

Jim, It makes sense. When I attain that goal I shall be ready for sainthood. :) I say in jest but I truly will focus on learning to "separate the act from the person". It is easy to do most of the time because most offenses or annoyances in life are small. It matters not so much. With monumental offenses, it is harder. They are rare thank goodness but can take over your life if you let them.
Thanks Jim. You are a good teacher.

Diane said...

What a truly beautiful message Jim.

thank you!