Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--June 11, 2009

May you all understand that life is not permanent, therefore, any problems in it will be resolved. One of the primary reasons that people feel stuck is that they view each aspect of their existence as if it has no end in sight. Happily, there is always an end. Some call it death, while others call it re-birth. We know that as you read that sentence, your hearts all seemed to have a release of depressed thoughts. Fear not, because we are using this as an extreme example to generate our point. What we want for all of you to know is that when you place such an impact on things that are of impermanence, then you are setting yourself up for failure.

In the eyes of God and Spirit, you are abundantly protected. Envision yourself shielded from hardships and lifted up from the doldrums that can cause you to lose focus of the bigger picture in your physical world. Each day is an opportunity to see the sun shining, even if you need to wait for the clouds to move away. Life is a cycle. In it all things will be equal. It is only those who choose not to see the positive who struggle the most. Nothing is permanent, not even your physical body. This is exactly why we want you to live to your fullest, happiest capacity. If you place the thought that all things are always going to be the same, then what you are saying is that you refuse to believe that anything can improve. Changes only take place when stubbornness and resistance are put aside; not an easy task for most people.

Today, reflectively look at your attitude and actions because you will only move through life when you leave the anchor of problems behind. Being free is to move into the future without fears or encumbrances. If they prevent you from doing things differently, then you are the one who needs to mold your new path. You can do it! One of the first things you will have to shift is your thoughts that you are a loser, that you do not deserve any better, or that changing is too hard. Not changing is what keeps bringing the same results!

You have a conduit to all those in spirit, therefore, you have no excuses. Reach out to those who can help you understand the empowerment of change. Ask for guidance, but when it is given to you, it is imperative for you to stop disagreeing with what you don’t want or like to hear. Our cupped hands overflow with love and compliments for each of you. Stay around to absorb what is yours. Learning can never be looked at as something only for children, as you see them. We see you all as children of the Creator. Share your thoughts and dreams with anyone and everyone so that you can get the energies into the universe and help others feel validated along the way. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.

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nina said...

Hi Jim,
Yes it is my stubborness that gets me in big trouble. It is the thought forms that are like sticky spiders' webs. I have moments of clarity when I am out of the web. But then I can find myself back to the old way of thinking. I know when I am thinking wrongly because it is always painful there. I want to stay in the new loving way of seeing the world and break my destructive habitual patterns.Thanks Jim. God bless you and your work. You have helped me.

C Ray said...

Hey Jim,
Yet another message I need to write on the back of my hand. I need to use it as a filter to sift my thoughts through.

Jim Fargiano said...

I think we develop our bad habits an approaches to life and people through repetition. Many times, it is not on a conscious level, so it takes time to undo it. The fastest way to reverse it is to keep repeating the better way of thinking, even if you feel you are forcing it. The subconscious is only aware of the information received, but not necessarily attaching our attitudes.

C Ray, thanks for the compliment, but you already have the tools. You just have to use them.