Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--June 5, 2009

Each of us is intrinsically connected to our family, friends and all others who we come in contact with. As life moves in seemingly random chaos, most people have a difficult time understanding how the energies of a passerby may be having an affect on them. Consider that each breath you take changes the energy pattern around you. If something as mundane as that can alter the field of energy, imagine how much can shift without you even being aware of it. Our point in today’s message is quite simple. It is to remind you that your actions can have a profound impact.

Think about how you feel when walking in a store or on the street. Do you ever pay attention to the rhythm of your feelings when you notice someone intentionally veering away from you? What is your reaction to that as opposed to when someone confidently offers a smile and a hello? Unless you are being untruthful, the only response you should have is that the person who acknowledges you makes you feel lighter and more at ease. This is where the point of our lesson should grip you. Your own emotions and behavior make a substantial difference. Could you imagine how powerful this world would be if everyone smiled at each other, instead of avoiding or sniping at one another? Remember, for every action there is an equal reaction. The world is simply a collage of interconnected souls. What one does will have an impact on many others.

We ask you a simple question. Wouldn’t it be nice if you lifted the mood of everyone around you by acknowledging their existence with a warm sense of peace? A smile and a hug, when appropriate, is always a great way to make someone feel special or important. Since each of you are special to all of us in the spiritual kingdom, we want you to take our collective hug and love. Allow it to be absorbed into you so that you can feel uplifted. We want you to know that regardless of your moods, your attitude or your desires, God and Spirit are your friend, your lover, your teacher. We are you, as well as with you. Your thoughts and dreams are not lost on us. Today, choose to make a difference. Let someone feel important. Honor those who have helped you in whatever way you can, even if they may tell you they can handle their issues by themselves. Sometimes, like we do from spirit, taking no for an answer should be more of a motivator to assist those you can. Never let the burden of those who bring light to you feel that they don’t deserve some time and comfort in return. This is your chance to bring the guiding light to shine as though the wattage increased. The angels are intensifying their efforts to aid you. Embrace the connection and pass it on. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit. You are never alone.
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Anonymous said...

Wonderful, uplifting message. Thank you, Jim, for what you do.

Terry said...

This is so true. You really do set the tone by your expression, your intent, and your mood. I remember thinking that a parent sets the tone at home and that I had been given a special role in my life to provide a peaceful, loving, and safe home. What an honor it was and what a responsibility to try to be always mindful.
This message really is like a big loving hug. I feel it and I love it.

Diane said...

"...we want you to take our collective hug and love."

What a beautiful way to start the day!

Thank you Jim. It really does feel wonderful...!

Jim Fargiano said...

This was one of those "reminder" messages from Spirit. The depth and intent was meant to be very strong. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

Luisa said...

Today, I took the bus home from work, after a long stressful week. A woman sat down beside me and began to tell me that four years ago to the day, she boarded the bus with the same infrequent busdriver as today. While boarding, she received a phone call that her mother had died. She was amazed that she was seeing this bus driver again, on this same day and could not help but feel her mom was with her again. She talked, I listened and somehow we shared this incredible 30 minute ride cross-town. And I kept thinking to myself, thank goodness I opened up and spoke with her! You're message today was profound, I will try my best to "embrace the connection and pass it on". Thank you Jim.

Diane said...

What a beautiful story Luisa!

Jim Fargiano said...

Luisa, Thank you for sharing your story. I think you were able to illustrate just what Spirit is trying to tell or teach all of us.