Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--June 3, 2009

Have you ever had someone close to you pass to the Golden Side and feel as though a piece of yourself was missing? You are not alone. Perhaps it is a more common occurrence then most people would imagine. We speak to you about this because we can see many people lingering with their sadness, emptiness and confusion much longer then they need to. What you might not understand is that it is possible that a small piece of your soul escaped with them.

Fear not! You can call it back to yourself if you are willing to release all your anxieties. Even more so, if you start to envision the life of happiness and contentment that your lost loved one would want for you, then you can become whole much more quickly. You have to ask yourself if you think your son, daughter, sibling, spouse or anyone who you were intrinsically connected to would want you pining away forever. Chances are, they would probably be imploring you to move forward; to be courageous in the face of your sadness.

The other aspect of this message is quite different; however, the results may still be the same. When someone is physically, mentally or emotionally abused by another, sometimes the prevailing attitude is to close yourself down. You become intolerant of yourself and to life. The emptiness continues to expand and creates an arc of darkness in your soul. It does not make you a dark person. We need to make that clear. The actions of others, be it criminal or somehow based within a relationship, can slowly kill off the spark of life that is rightfully yours to have. No single person can ever take that away from you. Remember, you have the power over all things to retain what is rightfully yours.

So, we know we are telling you something that may seem unfathomable to many people. To retrieve your soul, the fix is quite simple. You must first exonerate yourself for all the problems that have besieged you. That does not mean you have no responsibility, but for the sake of this message, that part of yourself is already released and forgiven by the Trinity of love. If you cannot step aside to realize that the loss was not something you did directly, then feeling whole will never happen. Make sure you do not create ways to blame yourself; to assign fault inwardly for car accidents, illnesses or any other spontaneous acts of personal hardships. It matters not at all to any of us in spirit. Begin each day with the thought that you deserve to feel complete in all ways-- physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Tell yourself out loud that you deserve the grace of God to be part of your normal being. Tell Spirit that you are worthy of being treated with peace and blessings throughout your day; that you do not deserve to suffer anymore. We will bring the appropriate response to you because you are deeply loved and cherished. Love yourself! The angels do! Fear and suffering must be replaced by an “I can” attitude, simply because you can have it all. Transform yourself away from negative programmed thoughts that have been given to you by others. Let them be God’s burden! These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.
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Diane said...

Does that mean that we tried to follow our loved ones home, and part of us did? That would explain the tremendous feeling of loss that happens at the time.

When you are abused in any way, you definitely lose that spark, in addition to a piece of yourself. It takes a long time to love yourself and feel whole and worthwhile again.

Thank you Jim.

surjit said...

I like your site and have blogrolled you.You are doing a noble service through your writings.
God bless.

Anonymous said...

Powerful and life sustaining message today. No one should ever let their spark be snuffed out permanently by someone else. Even if it is snuffed out at first with the shock and sadness of senseless events, it can be gained back. We just have to believe that our spark or smile is being held by Nature-Spirit-God somehow until we are ready for it again. We should never lose hope. I have read that in my Buddhist teachings and I believe it to be true. The messages from Spirit through Jim are in line with all I hold dear, too often forget, and vow to never lose for very long.
Thank you dear Jim!

Jim said...

I am somewhat confused by " part of us following our loved ones home." Wouldn't that ease our losses somewhat instead of contributing to it if a small part of our soul had followed them?

Jim Fargiano said...

If I'm interpreting Spirit's message correctly, then they are saying that when someone near and dear to us passes over, our soul wants so badly to still be with them that a small piece of it leaves us. Jim, I understand what you are thinking, but what I'm hearing is that you cannot feel complete or whole if you have given up a part of your soul self. You actually heal faster when you retain all of what truly belongs to you. In addition, it is up to our loved ones to allow us to know we can move on. That does not mean the mental part of yourself can't still be with them. This message was more about the actual soul, not as much with the physical aspects. Besides, "LF" wants you to know she is great. I hope that makes sense to you, as I am just writing what I hear.