Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--June 24, 2009

People spend too much time worrying about the past and future. Time is an issue that goes much deeper then what we can casually think about. Anything that has happened previously is obviously in the past. Anything that has yet to happen is the future. Consider that when you stay focused on the present, the past and future are virtually indistinguishable. Just as you finish reading each word in this message, it is in the past. Likewise, the words you are about to read are in the future.

Our purpose in this message is to try to get all of you to realize that you should not be as worried about your accomplishments, both past and future. In essence, all you can do is stay in control of life as it is happening. The imprint of these actions will formulate your history, whereby you can learn not to repeat what was harmful, as well as to allow you to mimic what created happiness. By keeping your emotions in check, you will create a road that should have you less fearful of what has yet to come. In addition, when you recognize that the only thing in your immediate power is the immediate time, then it should be comforting to know that each moment creates a new chance for you to invent your proper approach.

None of what we are trying to share with you is meant to sound confusing because there is much to learn from history. In fact, if the life of Jesus was not lived so profoundly open and perfect, no one would remember him. Yet here we are, some two thousand years later and His life is still seen by many as the paragon of blessed and perfect living. This is our main point. As long as you stay focused on what is in your control--your attitude and actions--then your future will feel as positive and powerful in the way the potent Master felt about His.

When we look from the side of God, we are able to see the struggles you are setting up for yourself. Often, it is created by a subconscious and repetitive need to repeat what you are familiar with. That is why so many of you have a rough time breaking the bonds of patterns that have made you feel stuck and frustrated. It is the cause for most enablers to keep doing things that force them to stay that way. Many will inadvertently blame other people for a variety of things that they have “rationalized” in their own minds so that they can continue to plot their future in the sense of familiarity. To them, it makes no difference if they hurt others along the way, just so long as they do not have to budge from the unhealthy life they are living, despite the opportunities that God presents to them. Change can be great when you realize the gift of love and happiness that can be received. Today is your day to honestly embrace the power of God-given and angelic love and protection. If you let a chance for it to escape, see if you can make amends and secure it by taking the necessary actions to fix it. Love should never be forsaken, especially when it is known deep within your heart, mind and soul. May the gift of life be absorbed by you. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.
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JoAnn said...

Sometimes I find myself beating myself up for past mistakes and worring about the future that I become paralyzed in the here and now. Thank you for this message Jim, I needed to hear this!

Jeanne Schneider said...

Each time I read this, it hit me on another layer. Today's post really resonated with me today for sure! Thanks for posting...

Anonymous said...

I have learned to live each day God gives me, for that day. The mistakes I made in the past are just that, in the past. God gives us new mercies each day, and he forgives our mistakes. I have learned that much of life is not in my control, and I leave that to God. It's amazing how peaceful life becomes when you stay focused on what is important right now, and what is in your control.

Diane said...

I read this through a few times and each time something else resonated with me. I can see what I am doing and why I am so frustrated. I will pray for the strength to move on.

Thank you Jim.