Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--June 25, 2009

Let us speak about devotion today. Did you know that devotion needs to be earned? No one who has ever had followers for the right reasons has gotten that way without earning it. This includes all of Spirit, God and the angels. You need to understand that our messages to you are of extreme value to us. In other words, when you are being requested to make changes, many times it comes from your guides and teachers who have done so themselves during their physical incarnations. Our words are always meant to give you encouragement, not to point out how much more work you need to do. Having a soul that is living in the physical world means that lessons are always ongoing.

Our true desire with our words today is something much different than what you may be thinking. Simply stated, God and Spirit are devoted to you. We see each of you in such a special, perfect way; where individually we cherish you as a gift to all of us on the Golden Side. Embrace our love, our help and our healing for you. It will lighten the burdens you may feel on any given day. Isn’t it better to know that regardless of what you choose to do in life that there is someone who totally stays at your side and in your heart? There is no way to underscore the strength of eternal love and protection that we want all of you to have.

We also ask that you look at devotion in one other way. We request that you be devoted to yourself; especially to the efforts you need to create the changes you want. It is always within your power to obliterate the annoyances of life that may stymie you. With our energetic arms gently around you, staying true to yourself and the changes and improvements you want to make should be seen much easier. How do you expect to improve if you cannot love yourself enough to stay committed to your goals? Wrap yourself in the love of the Light that craves your success. That said, you need to seek the love of others if you are to be in a state of loving devotion to yourself. Bear in mind, this does not mean that we are telling you to be pompous and egotistical. However, we do want you to cherish your importance and the aspects of yourself that you merit prominence and respect from others. You are a unique and perfect individual in the eyes of God, Jesus and the Hierarchy. In your own way, shout to the world that you deserve to be treated well, that you are entitled to great things! These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.

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Diane said...

Loving yourself is easier said than done, yet it shouldn't be.Why do we have such a hard time with that? Thank you for this message Jim, I am going to work on this.

Terry said...

I think we are intrinsically wired for doubts and fears as survival mechanisms (in addition to all the baggage we collect along the way of life :)). If there were no fear, we would be less careful; if there were no doubt, we would not think through thoroughly and weigh options. It is in the process of finding the balance towards courage and conviction and belief in oneself that is the challenge. So if we take that journey to find the balance by practicing Spirit's Way then we will find ourselves and love ourselves on that journey. I do not believe this is a static condition, it is forever changing, forever evolving.

Jim Fargiano said...

Life is a process, but the more we can accept the existential and inner power that we have, the easier it will become.