Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--June 8, 2009

Live each day with love, happiness and conviction! The physical world is a strange place for souls to be. It holds many, many lessons, but it also holds many unplanned or “free will” actions. While you are all greatly protected, it does need to be said that at any time, your soul could be returned to the spiritual realm. This is definitely not said to scare or worry you. We are just trying to get each of you to honor the life you have been given. Live each day so that you will not ever have any regrets.

The value of living in this manner is enormous. The first thing we want you to think about is how important it is to never leave anyone with anger. Never fail to tell someone what a difference they make in your life. You have a responsibility to treat others as if you were them. Keep that thought in the center of all your actions. Living a life of spiritual harmony can be hard. We understand this. All we suggest is that you seize each opportunity to make someone feel good about themselves so that you can feel good about your life. When you break it down, all sentient people want nothing more then to be happy and content. Why not live your life by providing the acts needed to gift those feelings to someone? Why not do uplifting things to make yourself smile? This is not a complicated project. It requires no special skills; only kind words and an occasional act of random kindness. Mostly, we feel it is about honoring the inborn desire to be in a state of loving energy.

Our hope with this message is that you feel blessed and honored by living in this world. We want you to feel as embraced by loving energies just as easily as it is to give them to others. When your heart is in harmony with the angels, no ill will can beset you. You already make a huge difference in society. By simply sharing your kindness, both in heart and mind, the environment around you becomes more positive in vibration. Living life becomes a less stressful thing because, by your actions, you have changed the attitudes around yourself. These acts of passion are never unnoticed by the Kingdom of Angels. So, upon awakening we want you to do one thing--Live each day with a joyous heart! These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.
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Anonymous said...

I have trouble navagating between being loving to people and allowing myself to be used in a negative way by people. I feel guilty when I stand up for myself. I have left people in anger but I was trying to save myself. How is the balance struck?

Diane said...

"Live each day so that you will not ever have any regrets." This is a great message. I am going to carry these words with me.

Thank you Jim.

Jim said...

I'm amazed at how uncomplicated and simple it really is to live in harmony with others as well as to have peace within, isn't it?

Jim Fargiano said...

Living requires constant adaptations to the many moving parts in life. If you stand up for yourself, there are ways to do it tactfully and with class. Perhaps that isn't always the way you want to strike back, but the balance will make you feel less guilty. Besides, you will not feel like you are stooping to the same level as those who hurt you. As long as you make the effort to do the right things in the right way, you will not have ask whether or not you are behaving in the right manner.

It is all about trying to get through the physical world in the best shape possible. We all tend to overcomplicate things, especially when we want to defy what we know is ultimately a better path for us.

KIS--Keep it simple.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jim. I need better skills so I can detach with love and not with an ax.