Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--June 17, 2009

The art of manifestation is an interesting key to your long-term success. Many people who are aware of the way it works are frequently the same people who do not give it a chance. We see, from the side of spirit, that those who want to attract better things for themselves, do not stay steady in their positive mantras. From a strictly human measure of time, you did not get to where you are without a lot of time passing. Although most negative problems can be resolved more quickly, our assertion is that if you start to change your thinking to be one that rewards you instead of disrupts you, it will take a little time. You must be patient and prove your sincerity.

With that in mind, we will suggest to you that you have a written list of positive sayings or thoughts. It should be your specifications for every aspect of life that you want improved. Use a calendar check system to do or say each of them everyday so that you will be more likely to repeat them. Otherwise, most people do this for a day; sometimes for a week or so, and then slip back into the same bad habits that they want to change. It will take at least a month of consistency before you begin to reap the benefits of re-training your subconscious to be ramped towards success and prosperity. We are certain of this and would not share it with you if it were not relevant to your happiness. Place your list where it is most vital. In other words, if you want to lose weight, put your positive affirmation list on the handle of your refrigerator, or literally hang it up inside so that it is in your way. You will be forced to look at it. Likewise, you can do similar things to remind you of your other yearnings to improve. Place the list on your pillow so that you cannot go to sleep without looking at it.

Our mention of the subconscious is twofold. First, it is the driving force behind many of the actions and results you get in your day to day routine. Unbeknownst to you, the universe is replying to what you are sending it. The second reason we bring it up is to teach all of you that the subconscious is an erasable, as well as reprogrammable feature of the human creation. The universe is the same. You will receive and behave in ways that will open up the canned thoughts that are in the back of your mind. It is time to lose the useless and prohibitive processes that hold you back from restoring inner peace.

Many of you thought the writing a list out was a great idea when you read it. However, many of those who thought it will not put the effort into making them or marking off a calendar. If you are truthful to your quest for a bountiful life of love, then you have to enact an alteration within yourself. We want you to shift your focus to a Higher Power. Be at peace with the knowledge that for true happiness to come to you, your connection to God, Jesus and The Brotherhood of Light, has to be strong at all times. Our hands are held out for you, as we can be the redeemer of the joys you seek. Use us! Please accept the loving vibrations of the Golden Light. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.
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Diane said...

I love this message.

"If you are truthful to your quest for a bountiful life of love, then you have to enact an alteration within yourself."

Thank you Jim.

Terry said...

I find that it is so important to actually set aside quiet time so we can stay connected to being mindful, to meditate, to process or to just be peaceful. There are so very many distractions. We have to take control and set aside some time for reflection each day. As you have written, Jim, having visual reminders is helpful. That is why I read Spirit's message each day. Every day there is a goal in it for me to pursue.

nina said...

Hi Jim,
I read the blog early this morning. I said, "YES". Got my notebook out and wrote my affirmations. I want the law of Love written in my heart.I am an obedient and willing student of Spirit. Faith and works create unlimited potential. I am very happy and grateful for this blog, the meetings, and the like-minded people I have met. Thanks Jim!

nina said...

Hi Jim,
Well, Spirit nudged me and asked... are you really following instructions? I then cut the affirmations out of my notebook and taped them to my bathroom mirror. I commit that I will tape them in other locations that I will readily see. I checked my calendar that I read them today. Allrighty then. Thanks Jim!.

Terry said...

I smiled at your last posting. "Alrighty then." My sister and I always say that. :) And you are so motivated!

Jim Fargiano said...

Motivation is a great thing to have. We should all use it. Nina, your growth will continue. I should remind all of you that having faith is great, but to truly have it instilled in us, we need to have trust. Keep up the good work everyone.

Therese said...

Trust is the hardest thing because it means letting go and placing it in a higher power's hands. "Thy will be done." I used to think, Well, what if Your will is not what I want? :) Somehow, we learn to trust when there is no clearing in front of us. The fog lifts. A road not before taken lies ahead. Thank God. ~t