Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--June 29, 2009

Cherish the angels who reside in your aura. The energy field around you is frocked with joyous, spiritual entities. They are yours to use, to honor and to embrace. By doing so, you are telling the greatest of those on the side of God that you are a willing recipient of their love. It makes for your daily life to be filled with more of a euphoric and protective feeling, from sunrise to moonrise; sunset to moonset. This is the enduring power of impressive adoration that you are worthy of receiving. It is something that should truly be held with the confidence and esteem that the Lord and Master want you to have.

Our words given to you on this special day are solely meant to encourage you to see the brightness of yourself. You alone are the one who is in control of your destiny. You can choose to ignore the hug from the Higher Beings, or you can magnetize yourself with them. The physical life is not always the easiest place to be. However, it is spent with much less turmoil when you abide by the guidance and unending devotion to the blessings that come from your friends in spirit. We are here to hear you! Talk to us and share your elation with us, not just your woes. While we will gladly accept the burdens you feel, it is just as important for you to acknowledge the sphere of gratitude that Spirit has for you, but also that we want you to display to us. In simple terms, the more you show appreciation for the good things that happen, the more the universe will continue to flow them to you.

Lastly, we want you to understand that there is never a situation that cannot be resolved by the power of your unity with those on the Golden Side. Only your perpetual attitudes can sustain both the goodness and the issues that stress you. In other words, by allowing your thoughts and actions to stay openly loving and positive, then the free flow of loving rewards will surpass anything you could imagine. Thinking in optimistic terms is just the start. It will only come to be if you stop putting a damper on it with the, “it probably won’t happen for me” or the, “I doubt if I’ll ever get what I want” mentality. Make this day your chance to rise above the things that trouble you. Imagine that the power of the soul and heart of Jesus is entwined with you because it truly is. Embrace His hug! Embrace the hug of life that can be felt by your connections to right-minded and positive-minded thinkers. The more you surround yourself with people of this ilk, the more fascinating and fabulous you will be. Share through actual actions, that these are The Spoken Words of Spirit.
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C Ray said...

Such a great post. Especially on a Monday. Thanks Jim.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful, uplifting message.

TivaJoy said...

I love this message. Our angels, spirit, etc are with us all the time whether we choose to feel it or not. Thank you again, Jim!

Diane said...

What an absolutely beautiful, feel good message!!!

Thank you Jim and Spirit...

C Ray, you are right..this is a wonderful message for a Monday, such a great way to start the week!

Jim Fargiano said...

I think this was one of my favorite ones to receive too. It was a very soothing energy.