Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--June 22, 2009

Showing gratitude is one of the fastest ways to turn your life around. As we enter this new summer season, most of you will have a chance to entertain friends and family. It is a great time to tell those who are close to you that you appreciate them for their love, friendship or anything that is supportive. Gratitude is a beautiful gift to receive. Unfortunately, it is overlooked far too much by most adults, both on the giving and the side of reception.

One of the things to retain is that an expression of gratitude is also a statement of being humble. Humility is born out of a non-egotistical approach to life. It is rendered from a deeper perspective within your heart and soul. Anyone who is truly following their highest path will easily understand the purpose of these words. If you are just starting to open to a journey of self-respect and the embracing of God and Spirit, then we will share further. To be non-egotistical and appreciative of others, you open yourself to the universe’s ability to repay you in kind for the kindness of your words or deeds. It is pivotal in anyone’s growth. Basically, there is a register kept by the Higher Side that records all of our deeds and behavior. Don’t panic. Spirit is not about retribution for the things done that are unhealthy or wrong. The focus will always be on what you do right so that you can be given more and more of that in response. If we focused on the negative, then you would too.

Our mission is to make you feel loved and free. It is our job to teach you the easiest ways to do this. That is what this very simple message is about. Overcomplicating it will not allow you to achieve your goals. A show of gratitude to someone is very inspiring, thereby allowing you to feel inspired too! We do have one other thing to add to this. Show gratitude to yourself! If you have trouble doing that, we might have to work harder on getting our point across in all these lessons. As an individual, you need to feel uniquely loved and embraced by the collective hearts of all the angels. You should never feel alone, suppressed by outside pressures or annoyed with who you are. Each day is given to you as a new chance to change what is not right in your life. Make today yours! These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.

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Diane said...

Showing gratitude to others and saying thank you is one of the easiest things to do, and something I do all the time, yet I never thought to show gratitude to myself! I will start today!!

Thank you Jim, for yet another valuable lesson from Spirit!

Jim Fargiano said...

Thank you, Diane.