Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--June 4, 2009

When the wind whips your face, lift your arms and let it expand and take you to great places. As a physical being, you do not always know what is ahead for you. Sometimes, you will come across a life that may seem to be filled with challenges and upsets, day in and day out. This does not have to be your life. While we are not telling you to wish or will it on someone else, we are saying that you do not deserve to be penned in by your angst. Consider this a message to affirm your freedom! As though you are an angel, allow your heart to flutter anew. Feel the advantage of releasing any marring thoughts that may be haunting you. The universe is free. Your life in the universe is free!

Try to imagine the expansion of your soul’s energy. From within the walls of your body, view this undefeatable connection to God and Spirit as it comes through your body. Breathe in deeply, anticipating the white light of love flowing with your efforts. Take time to exhale, visualizing a release of blackness; a release of all the toxic buildup that needs to be expelled away from you. Allow for the simplicity of this exercise to erect a new you. Often, the best way to deal with your stress is to minimize it be consciously seeing it released to the powers and sources in life who can carry the burden. Let go of the negativity and fill yourself with joy and optimism.

Simply stated; we want you to be able to transport your worries to the Highest Power. Learn to start recognizing the subtle signals of energetic living. Instead of being fearful of what your day will bring, open your eyes to the magnificence of living a life of soul-filled proprieties. Know that as part of an enormous cosmic Creation, you are individually an important cog that makes the energy flow properly. Today is your day to feel refreshed. Feel the elation of vibrations, as though the choir of angels were singing directly to you. In a sense, they are harmonizing the right tune for you. The only one who can stop yourself from taking part in the sweetness of life is you and the attitude you assign to it. If God intended for each person to suffer, then the need for the master Jesus in an incarnated life would be moot.

Free your mind of the abundance of downtrodden feelings, frequently caused out of your own fears of being happy. When you have lived a life that has been stifled on many levels, it is common to reject the things and people who can elevate your emotional state of bliss. The unknown is always scary until you introduce yourself to it. Spend a little time reflecting on whether or not you have created ways, directly or indirectly, to divert God’s offering of love and deep contentment. If you are honest, you might find it surprising at how many different times you did not trust the intuitive knowing given to you, nor embrace the chance for a life of harmonization. Let the winds of cleansing lift you to your designated path to joy. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.
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Jim said...

I hope you are aware of the tremendous amount of peace you have brought and continue to bring into people's lives. Your comment to me yesterday from "LF" was so special it surpasses description.

Jim Fargiano said...

Jim, I believe it was an early Father's Day gift. Thanks for your words. They make a difference.