Monday, February 9, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--February 10, 2009

It takes courage to do the right thing when the world seems to have gone awry. Spirit wants to commend all of you who will not succumb to the pressure put on by the loudest people. Generally, they are loud because they are wrong. Only quiet, peaceful and serene leadership will leave you and this planet in a state of love. We worry about the liberties and freedom that many of your leaders in this country and throughout the world would like to have. It is these same leaders who usually end up wanting to control everything without understanding the consequences. There is a fine line between freedom and the illusion of freedom. If you need to understand what this message pertains to, simply see if you can find any accurate historical documentation that Jesus and Buddha led by loudness. All you will find is that they spread the word of enlightenment and peace for all in soft tones.

God and Spirit want you to voice your concerns. There is no harm in being congenially disagreeable. If you all understand the premise of the spiritual way, then you know that to be free means to have an awareness and deep connection to the other side. There will be many decisions made that will put the world into more of a chaotic state. Your soul does not need to be there too. No matter what takes place in the global existence, you still can maintain a life of invigoration, prosperity and elation in the walls of your existence. For many of you, the limitation we just stated does not exist. There is no wall for any of you unless you put the blocks up yourself. The universe was created to be an aura of love and freedom. Why would anyone want to disturb a perfect plan by imposing acts and regulations that say one thing but will lead to the opposite? Now that we have many of you in turmoil and disagreement with these words, are you ready to lead the way to true expression? Be free! Lose the limitations, but not the focus on living a loving life. Share your intent to be leaders in your immediate area. Help others to see how simple, powerful and liberating a spiritually aware path can be. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.

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Diane said...

You are right. It does take a lot of courage to do the right thing. Ignorant people yell the loudest and cause the most heartache and upset for others. But how do you deal with them on a daily basis without wearing yourself out?