Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--February 26, 2009

Effort is mandatory if you expect your life to change for the better. Each of you need to understand that. Many times we see people from all walks of life complaining about the “poor hand” they have been dealt. Others, who are penniless, will often hide behind the curtain of their spiritual path. There is another genre of people who always seem content, regardless of what is happening around them. Have you noticed the difference between these two groups and those who seem to benefit from happiness? In reality, the only thing that separates them is that those who ultimately thrive on being joyful are also the same people who put the most work into getting what they want.

This “work” that Spirit speaks of does not have to come with blood, sweat and tears. It comes from simple effort. Those who understand that they are uniquely responsible for their own happiness are the same people who do whatever it takes to get the results they want. They also are in balance with the principles of the Law of Attraction, as well as The Golden Rule. These people are aware that if they dwell on envy, on revenge, poverty, illness and anxiety that they will reap more of that. Instead, they look at what they can do to improve themselves if they feel like something is missing or has gone wrong. Self pity is one of the most limiting aspects of human behavior. Charge forward! Help others! Put the effort you need into obtaining the results you want! God, Spirit and your army of loved ones will help you along. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.


Jim said...

This is so true. Although I know and feel this every day of my life it is truly a blessing to have such messages as this one reinforced on a daily basis. You and your work have helped me immeasurably. Thanks again.

Jim Fargiano said...

Thank you, Jim. I'm learning a lot by taking the daily message from Spirit. As usual, they have important meanings in many different ways, depending on who is reading them. Keep up your own good work.