Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--February 13, 2009

Anticipation can be the great equalizer. It is the best indicator of where your future will go. Many people anticipate what will come in the future with a sense of fear, anxiety, poverty, poor health and general negativity. Others use it to view a life full of brightness, fun, success, spiritual growth, love and receiving obedience from the universe in all that they dream of. The fundamental difference between these two attitudes is not much at all. Most of it comes from what you have learned growing up, but more of it comes from what you allow to enter into your experiences more recently.

People are programmed by their environments. When you grow up with someone or several other factors that press into you the facts of life in the "be realistic” approach, usually that means they are negative. Unfortunately, many people will never recognize that their life now does not have to reflect the pitfalls of the past. This is why you will see repetitive cycles in families of alcoholics and poverty. They have been taught not to expect more or better things. Some accept "lack" as a badge of honor.

There is a way out of the malaise of paranoia and downtrodden thinkers. It is that you should make a point to learn from successful people. You cannot improve if you attach yourself to someone who validates mediocrity, however, you will improve if you honor the education given from those who have proven how to be a winner. We will sporadically give messages in the future to reinforce what we are telling you. If you are sincere about wanting to change a pattern that is physically, emotionally, mentally and financially limiting, then you have to align yourself with people who will give you the key to vibrancy. It is a God-given right to live happy and prosperous. Start by acknowledging the Higher Power within yourself. For now, that is what you need to think about. Aspire to live life by the Golden Rule. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.


Diane said...

What an uplifting message!

I am looking for a way out of my current situation. I understand that I am trying to help someone who does not know that they need help and who does not appreciate that fact at all. That alone is difficult enough, but I could handle that. However, I am being fought by others who are fueled by greed. And those to whom I turned to for help, the supposed experts, who I learned the expensive and hard way, are not at all experts, doubt me!

So how do I find those successful people, where are they? I feel like I have exhausted all of my avenues for help!

Jim Fargiano said...


Stay open to help from any source. It may surprise you when it comes. Spirit likes to work "behind the scenes" which means that when we are blunted in our views because we are human, our minds don't always allow for the unexpected. We tend to focus only on what we know now, but give very little thought to the emotional release that can come from others or in unexpected ways.

Diane said...

Thank you so much! That really helped me right now because I am so worried about my Mom and so desperate for relief for her as well as for myself. I promise to stay open to any and all help offered!