Friday, February 13, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--February 14, 2009

We leave you with love. This is important, especially for those on a spiritual path. There will be days when you might feel that the burden of life is too much to handle. God and Spirit will never create a situation that makes you intolerable of life. That type of negative thinking can only come from with the weakness of the human mind. This is not meant to sound insulting because, God knows. What our intent is here is to let you know that when your burdens become too onerous, we will find a Light to make them feel lighter to you.

We leave you with love. Your good goals are Spirit’s goals. Any intention that is pure and positive will be looked at with importance. Our thoughts are to assist you to become the best person you want to be. It is also our want to make you centered with peace and tranquility. There is no reason to be dejected when things might not seem to be moving towards your view of what is best. There is no reason to feel rejected when things might not seem to be moving towards your view of what is best. In the final analysis, only Spirit truly knows what lies ahead; where the road less traveled might be the busiest place in the universe.

We leave you with love. In the world of communication that seems to get to everyone in light speed, the general population has lost sight that love from others might have to unfold more slowly. Likewise, the more you need to see things happen, the more you become absorbed in living life with flying rapidity. Be patient. It will reward you. Are you wondering why we keep saying that we leave you with love, instead of that we give you love? The answer is simple. God and Spirit always give you love, but when you feel disconnected, no matter where you go, love is still left with you. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.
I will be taking a much needed few days off to re-charge my batteries. If I can find time to tune in while I'm off, I will post something. Basically, if you don't see an entry for a day, please don't worry. As usual, I am going to trust that Spirit will guide me on my continued journey to relay their messages.
Thank you,
Jim Fargiano

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Diane said...

I find it interesting how each message makes me feel. This one gave me such peace and serenity, as if Spirit is letting me know that someone is watching over me and that all will be well. It's hard to wait for the right thing to be done when you see someone suffering so much, but I will try to be patient.

Thank you once again. Have a safe flight and a wonderful vacation!