Friday, February 27, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--February 28, 2009

Let today be a day of inner tranquility. Try not to overreact to anything or anyone who may have their own narcissistic needs at work. You deserve better than that. Whether you believe so or not, Spirit will never look upon you with anything but the most deserved respect. The only thing that needs to be added is that you have to live your life so that the respect is earned. It doesn’t take much to do that, other than to live each day with respect for the life you have been entrusted to usher. Of course, showing respect and concern for all of mankind, and the plant and animal kingdoms, is also seen as something that deserves rewards.

We are aware that sometimes “life stuff” just gets in the way of your endeavors to reach the peace we want for you. From our perspective, it is not only understood, but forgiven. Spirit will always be open to any person who truly desires to live on the path of joy. As long as there is momentum and the effort to keep trying, even when you feel knocked down, you will reach the pinnacle of success you choose to have. What exactly is the pinnacle of success? From an earthly standpoint, it is ultimate happiness, pure love and worry-free living. From the spiritual standpoint, it is to return to the God side of life at the appropriate time and then be rewarded for living an exemplary physical life. In other words, when you continue to do the trusting work that is asked of you here, the rewards in the Light—your Heaven—will make your views of the perfect physical life seem inconsequential.
Our thoughts today are to encourage you to submit to an aura of perfect bliss. It cannot be taken away from you unless you allow others to do so. Never be consumed or confused by misleading and egomaniacal talks, arguments and the like. Never give your power away to someone who is in the wrong but has to bellow and orate loudly to excite people to fall prey. In many cases, to excite actually means to incite wrongful acceptance. Empower yourself now! Walk in the cloak of love that is your divine gift. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.

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