Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--February 12, 2009

Honor yourself. Those two words are so simple, yet most people have a hard time doing just what it says. There are always many reasons to believe in yourself, as there are many reasons to disavow your importance. Our goal from the side of spirit is to always find different ways for you to acknowledge the grace within. We try to infuse the opportunity for you to absorb the sanctity of your loving soul. You are special! It is more likely that other people see that aspect in you before you see it yourself. Perhaps it sounds contradictory to what we are saying, but it is a good thing that someone else sees it and you may not.

There are two things we are attempting to share with you. The first is that it is very important for you to view yourself as being someone wonderful. With that attitude you will enable yourself to try to strive for bigger and better things. The world is yours to conquer! That said, it is equally important for you to be balanced. In other words, while you must be confident in your actions and well-intentioned decisions, you must not become egotistical in your approach. Spirit will tout you for the exceptional person you are! Never be wondering and second-guessing things you have done that may not show immediate acceptance or satisfaction. Like life, some aspects of what you want do take time to unfold.

The same can be said of your soul and all of its lessons. Time is a treasure for you, not your enemy. Take a few minutes today to stroll down a lifetime of memories. Stop for a brief moment every time you recall a happy event. Stop and bless the people who have come and gone in your life because, good or bad, they gave you a profound lesson for you to build on. We leave you with encouragement to withstand the onslaught of misguided negativity in others. Mostly, Spirit leaves you with hearty congratulations for simply being you! These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.

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