Monday, February 2, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--February 3, 2009

Let us see today not as one of excuses, but instead, let us see it as a day of executions. You have the power to explore many new ideas. Rightfully, you should have on your list of goals, many different things. We can say from spirit that you will not reach any of them if you are laden with all sorts of reasons that “This won’t happen” or “That’s not my kind of luck” and so forth. How many of you hiccup all the reasons that something good cannot happen for you? If you are truthful and that statement resonates, then how about being a contrarian to your own habits and erase the negative and put forward some positive ideas? Today can be your day to send the universe the right thoughts, the right attitude and approach to a peaceful life.

This can only be done if you execute a plan. Create an agenda of small things you would like to accomplish. Keep them simple, concise and clear. You do not have to scour the recesses of your mind to find something. Make it as simple as mentally forgiving yourself each and every time you hear an automatic negative catchphrase rattling around in your thinking. Execute forgiveness for your past mistakes, for if you ever want to feel more whole it will require you to release the fears. On your list you should have at least one proactive thought that could lead you to someplace better. If there is money owed to you by someone and they seem to ignore you, then place a meaningful call to extract what is rightfully yours. If you want to physically feel better, you then must do something to make it possible. Perhaps we can say that you have to remove your stubbornness. This could be an endless message if we start showing all the different facets of your lives that will be impacted by the power of positive thinking and actions. Only you prohibit it from happening. Be your best advocate. Love yourself enough to make a shift in your current approach to life. We know you can do it. Be fearless! These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.

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