Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--February 19, 2009

When was the last time you took an inventory of your personal assets? No, we are not necessarily speaking about money and wealth, but we are talking about harmony and balance from within. This message is not that important if you wake each day with a bounce in your step and ready to take on the world because you know how good it will be. We believe the truth in that is more or less that no one ever always wakes up feeling like that. The physical world can be a tough place to grow and learn. It is not Spirit’s perception that an earthbound life is capable of maintaining such a level of happiness. It is our perception that with continued education from your angels, guides and teachers on the side of spirit, that you can learn to be endlessly joyful.

Today is a short message. We challenge you to make a list of all the things that are good in your life and another separate list of all the things you feel are bad. Once done, this will be a guideline for you to use and to, one by one, cross off each bad item. This will require you to think creatively at times. It will also require you to ask for help from others who may already be achieved in the areas that you feel are lacking in your life. We tell you one last thing: this will be virtually the only time we ever ask you to look at something negative, only because we want you to be able to have it all erased from the essence of who you are. You can do it! These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.

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