Monday, February 23, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--February 24, 2009

Today is all about personal responsibility. There are many levels to that statement, however, for now we wish to speak to you about what your accountability in reference to your daily existence. No one can ever take that from you, nor can they take away your pride, honor, respect or love. The one caveat to that thought is that it is only true as long as you do not empower someone, or any situation, to have that hold over you. Spirit sees you as capable of controlling your life.

Some of you, especially those who may have been abused as children, are looking at these words and thinking they are untrue. As a child, you may very well have been physically powerless to overcome what took place. Yet, as an adolescent and now as adults, you can crush the negativity that secreted from those actions. Turn your worries to the Higher Powers so that you can feel like you have all the power. It is possible, and in many cases, it is just that simple. If you see your life in segments, then you should be able to discard those parts that hinder your ability to move yourself forward with the rewards of love, good health and prosperity. Spirit is aware that this is easier said then done, but we have confidence in all of you to be able to discern that a little repeated effort will be normal if you make the conscious choice to improve. In a sense, the goal has to be for you to have an attitude of triumph over all evil, no matter how large or small the negative actions were.

All we want is for you to take the needed steps to be victorious in your life. If you are struggling because of some financial problem, do not complain. Instead, prove to yourself by changing your embedded foundation that it can be moved. In other words, whether the problems are of physical, sexual, emotional or fiscal abuse, you should have the courage to be in charge of your direction. It is your responsibility. God and Spirit are supporting and blessing you. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.

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