Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--February 27, 2009

In an economic climate that has many people stressing and fretting, Spirit would love to reiterate the need for each of you to remember that words create actions. It is vital that you listen and act on the actual intent, not the pitch and fervor of someone’s oratory skills. If you can dissect the two, then you will be positioned much better to enhance your life. This is simply because you will be able to discern what is in your own best interest, as well as what is best for your family. If you want to reap the benefits, you must speak out against anyone who is willfully misstating the facts. To remain silent will only allow negativity to continue to fester and germinate into something far worse and longer lasting.

Our point is to get each of you to be proactive, not reactive. Living life in the form of the messages of the greatest spiritual leaders and precepts and principles of the High Masters will always bring you to a better place. Spirit is always concerned, even when well intentioned people are blinded to the outcome of their words. Egos must not trump safety and reasonable financial security. In conjunction with our previous message, your efforts are what will turn the tide towards freedom and intervention of all things good. Nothing is ever lost forever. Your God and Spirit want you to live life without stress and fears about what tomorrow will bring. In harmony with us, you can achieve success even when all other people succumb to the “sheep” approach to life. You are the Sheppard of your existence, as well as the leader by example for all who come in contact with you. Even though we have just anointed you as your own Sheppard, remember that the greatest of them are walking in your aura. Always remember that although your physical steps may appear to be yours alone, the footprints that are next to you are created by the loving Spirits that protect and serve you. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.


Diane said...

Whenever I feel as if I am ready to give up and cannot do this anymore, the message from Spirit tells me that I can't.

"To remain silent will only allow negativity to continue to fester and germinate into something far worse and longer lasting."

I am speaking out against those that are misstating the facts, but those who should help are not listening. God knows that I have not remained silent yet I feel that all of my words are falling on deaf ears.

Are people, professionals in their field, just unwilling to see the truth or are they just lazy? What is going to open their eyes and hearts?

Jim Fargiano said...

Expectations of others will often be disappointing when we look at it through the prism of what we think is their best action. All you really need to focus on is the personal power that you have because no one can take it from you. I'm not immune to disruptions in my personal life because I can connect with Spirit so easily. They still make me go through many of the lessons my soul needs to learn that my physical self could do without. Over the years, I've learned to step back and compartmentalize what is important in the bigger picture. Usually, that changes the picture and some of the stress leaves.