Monday, February 16, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--February 17, 2009

Behold the joys of relief! We bring you the word that obsessing over things out of your control will be taken by God—but only if you give it up. Try not to stress so much when many of your problems will be diminished if you LET GO. Are you able to understand the peace you will receive if your mind does not try to control everything? Are you denying that you do this, because if so, you are not being truthful? Yes, we are having a little fun at your expense. Even Spirit likes to keep things light. Perhaps, we can say that we like to keep Light with you.

Embrace the easing of tensions! Use your gift of love to let others know that they are special. Often, those who are in the most distress are that way only because no one has acknowledged their special gift to the world—themselves. Can you remember a time when you may have felt mired in depression and frustration? Was a kind word by someone, or even just a smile, the key ingredient in you recognizing that life actually had more to offer you then you were seeing at that point? It takes very little to change one mind, one attitude. Imagine how special the planet would be if every person shared this knowledge. We leave this message by telling you how wonderful you are! You are all individually important to the Higher Powers. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.


Jim said...

This has a special meaning for someone I am interested in helping. I feel like it was sent directly to me.


Diane said...

And just when I thought things could not get worse and everything was spinning out of control and no one would or could help, I read this.

I continually say to myself, just let go, God will fix it, and I know He will. I just have to have more patience, I guess. I am trying...

Thanks...hope you are enjoying yourself and laying in the sun, drinking margaritas or pina coladas!!