Friday, February 6, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--February 7, 2009

The path to joy leads through the roads created by your energy and spirit. We could also say that the path to joy leads through the roads created by The Energy and Spirit. Your soul is to be honored by you, and it should also be honored by all people. You are derived from the greatest power in the universe. God is the energy within yourself and your soul. This means that if you want to live a life full of promise, good health, wealth and peace that you have to come to terms with your own worthiness.

Here in lies the challenge for many people. They either refuse to believe that they can have such a deep parallel to the higher powers, or they choose to become too egotistical. If it is the denial of God’s soul, then more than likely you are plodding through life instead of powering through it. If it is the latter, then you need to understand that you are no more or less important than any other person. We are sorry if that might destroy your view of yourself. Our intent is that you understand that the tools for simplicity and happiness are built within. You could even say it is hardwired in your DNA, in a manner of speaking. No matter how hard you might want to ignore or misunderstand the inner child, there is no slipping away from God and the Ascended Masters.

This message is a basic way of getting you to stop looking for answers far from you. Look within. See your own infinite strength. Use it for the good of yourself and the good of the world around you. Listen quietly to the voice housed in your soul and we can say to you that as long as you are keeping your old mental programming out, what you will hear is love, tranquility, peace and unification of all things that are good. Embrace these concepts. With our love, these are The Spoken Words of Spirit.


Jim said...

I don't always comment on the posts but I would like you to know that since you invited me a few weeks ago to visit this blog, I have received much comfort as well as direction from these daily messages.
I'd just like to thank you for providing them for us.


Jim Fargiano said...

The messages seem to be helping a lot of people. Don't be afraid to pass the word.

Thanks for the feedback. It's always appreciated.