Friday, February 20, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--February 21, 2009

There are days when you will be completely unaware of the protection you are given from God and Spirit. We wish for you to look at the subtle signs of these happenings. Have you noticed unexplained delays? What about something as seemingly unconnected as a last minute urge to go to the bathroom? This is not a message to be taken lightly. Spirit is always looking for ways to have each of you to continue your growth, both in the physical world and on a soul level. That means the “malfunction” of electronics may be a spiritually designed and created flaw. Keep in mind that regardless of what you may think is unfair at the moment, in reality it is our way of bringing a gift of love and life to you.

There will be days when you may feel as though you have been forsaken, but that is never the case. It is vital for you to come to the reality that if God wanted that for all people then the prophesies and scriptures of the Bible, Koran, Torah and all other loving and peace abiding written icons would be unnessary. In simpler words, God is your Creator and your protector. You are all part of His loving army. Many times, in order for an army to be least vulnerable, surreptitious maneuvers take place to protect them.

It may surprise some of you that we would use the analogy of an army as an accurate reference of the protection and love you are given personally. The truth is that you do have an army with you. It is very easy to forget all the angels, teachers, guides, saints and more who are around you when you feel challenged in many ways. Our point today is to reassure you that even in your most frustrating moments, there is someone for you to talk to and to feel protected by. This is a message you should never forget. You are loved, but more importantly, you are cherished as part of an assembly of peaceful and loving people. Individually, you are not overlooked. The best whole is the sum of all its parts. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.


Diane said...
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Diane said...

I read your post right after I was feeling angry and frustrated. It calmed me down and brought me back to reality. I understand there is a purpose for everything, and no matter how challenged I feel, I must remember that my "army of angels" is there for me.