Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--July 3, 2009

Life lets us select our direction. Align your thoughts to create what you want. Impermanence of negativity is your greatest ally, as we can always change our thinking to be stronger and more loving. This concept is very basic, yet we fear that those of you who find yourselves in negative states of mind will not want to recognize the simplicity of it. All you need to do is to repeat positive phrases, whether you believe them or not. Ultimately, the subconscious takes over control of your mental chatter and will improve it. Along with this great shift in your attitude will be an uplifting change in your “luck.”

Life runs on two levels; one physical and one spiritual. Your higher consciousness is planted in your ability to live with God and the empowerment of Spirit. Your daily, physical existence tends to run on ego. This is not to say that you are egotistical, but we do share with you that when you think you are in a state of physical life only, then you are ruling out the numerous love and guidance that comes from the gift of the Creation. Based on that, we have one question for you. Do you think you are best equipped to dictate your direction as though you are more intelligent then that which can be derived from universal intelligence? If so, you will have numerous struggles because everything you do is based on the premise of self-absorbed ego. Learn to release your unhealthy approaches to life, whether they are bad vices, bad attitudes, poor nutritional actions, and especially improper financial planning.

That last part may have come as a surprise to many of you. The way Spirit sees things, the bulk of most peoples' unhappiness stems from monetary challenges. In the past, we have repeatedly told you that the universe has infinite abundance. That means that all people should enjoy a less stressful pace throughout their physical incarnation. Less stress creates more and more vibrant feelings. Ultimately, this raises your approach to one that is consistently in line with universal thoughts and not ego driven thoughts. Each one of you should feel blessed that nothing is permanent because it gives you the chance to be a co-creator of your life and happiness every new second of the day. If we are sharing with you the premise that you need to follow a philosophy of higher consciousness; one that rewards you with great things, then why would you continue to think about anything from an ego attached way? Free yourself today by letting the angels sing songs of praise for you! It happens all the time. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.
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Anonymous said...

Yes. I've been working on this and, among other things, opened my mortgage statement to find the payment reduced by $76. There have been other instances of monetary support from Spirit, too. The Universe in infinitely abundant.

Diane said...

"Life lets us select our direction. Align your thoughts to create what you want."

The very beginning of this message says it all. When I remember that, everything goes smoothly. That's the key, and the hard part, to keep all thoughts positive. I'm trying!

Thank you Jim, and Spirit; another amazing message!

Jim Fargiano said...

I love when Spirit reminds us of the power that we have. It doesn't have to come from others to do it for us--or for that matter, to control when or how we can be happy.