Friday, July 10, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--July 11, 2009

Each person has the tools to generate a huge difference in the world. All people are linked together by bloodlines, by friendships, jobs, school, but most importantly, by the virtue of each one being a part of the same species. As part of all men and women, you share the responsibility to transform the world into a place of peace and harmony. That said, it must begin within.

Our focus for you on this day is to make you realize that finding a way to create internal and local balance in your own life has an impact on a greater platform. If you choose to be unhappy, then you are choosing to share that with everyone in your immediate vicinity; whether in person or in the many forms of communication with each other. In addition, Spirit reminds you that your energy flows throughout the universe. You may wonder why we are broaching this subject. It is quite simple. Our goal is to imbed these thoughts of positive happenings into your subconscious so that each breath and action you take will make you aware that you are a difference maker.

How beautiful is that? No matter what your station in life may seem to be, you are looked at through the eyes of God as one who is pivotal in making the world a place of beauty amongst all souls. It makes no difference if you are the leader of a country, a company, or are obscenely wealthy. Just by simply existing as you are, you are seen as a reward for all the angels in heaven and on earth. Your personal success in this incarnation is our greatest joy! We want you to achieve greatness! We want you to be a part of infinite abundance and happiness! We want you to feel as though you are enchantedly dancing under the stars and moon. We want you to step into the path of love and life that makes you feel like you are guarded and coveted by the loving powers of all the Ascended Masters. Today, make this your renewed beginning to carefully suggest only goodness in your thoughts and deeds. Make a difference! Share your knowledge and love of life with anyone you feel will benefit from it. Start with yourself! These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.
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Diane said...

"We want you to feel as though you are enchantedly dancing under the stars and moon."

What a beautiful vision! Thank you for this Jim...I feel wonderful!