Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--July 2, 2009

Through the power of positive thinking, you can unleash the power of possibilities. Just as technology keeps “discovering” new means of communication, the universe always does. If you were able to visually watch the energy of your thoughts, you would be amazed at how potent they can be. The display would show a stream of light that would look similar to lightening. The difference is that the energy would be softer, yet more target specific. Everything you want can be obtained.

We know this is a difficult concept to understand. Since the majority of people can not see energy, you must rely on trust. This is an avenue that we have traveled on with you many times, but the relevance of trusting in God and the Creation is that you can help to create what you want in your personal life. It is not good enough to say that you do trust, or to say you will do something. It is the act of action that paves the way. The gift you will be given is a resurgence of euphoric existence, as well as an impassioned zest for your future. The reason that you get that feeling is that you are understanding the fact that everything is possible.

Imagine for a few minutes how comforted, safe and healing you would feel if Jesus was walking with his arm around you. Would you challenge his strength, or would you expect that you are virtually shielded by protection because he is connected to you? Do you feel loved and encompassed by a purity of love? What about whether or not you just “know” that your life is special, simply because of the virtuous connection to Jesus? All of these questions should be answered with a positive response. In fact, while it is helpful for us to ask you to imagine this connection, the reality is that Jesus is always with his arm around you. He is not confined by a physical body. His energy is enhanced by his graciousness to all people, for all means of love at all times.

Each of you are loved unconditionally. This is a time of rebirth and should be one of rejoice for yourselves. Embrace your positive power by thinking in all aspects of inner strength that will be forever coupled with the power of God. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.
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surjit said...

A wonderful inspirational post.I fully agree with your insights:
...'Each of you are loved unconditionally...'
Thanks for sharing.God bless.

Anonymous said...

To see the energy of our thoughts - I like that. Thoughts are things.

nina said...

Great message! I'm checking in to let you know that my mood has really lifted as a result of reading my affirmations every day and checking it off on my calendar as Spirit had suggested in a previous message. My mind can be a wild horse that must be tamed and trained for me to find peace. "It is the act of action that paves the way". I want peace in the world, but I think it has to begin with peace in my own mind. Thanks. Your work helps me.

Diane said...

Beautiful mesage Jim, very comforting...thank you!

C Ray said...

You give us two strong visuals, The light and The arm of Jesus. What a great way to physically visualize spirit. Thanks Jim

Jim Fargiano said...

Congrats, Nina. Stay consistent and you are able to see the shift in energy, an increase in happiness and a decrease in stress.

This was a very visually given message when I received it, so it was very easy to put it into words. I'm glad all of you could connect with them.

C on the book. The words will flow more easily than you think. It's all about getting the vibration out.

jane said...

I love this imagery- the words you used were eye opening