Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--July 5, 2009

***I don’t normally post a message on Sunday, but with Steve Maraboli’s permission, I am putting his words on my blog today. Steve is an amazing motivational speaker and the host of This particular message from him runs parallel to much of what I receive from Spirit, so I thought it was a perfect fit.

A Life of Freedom

I want nothing more than for all to be free. I want everyone to live a life of unconditional freedom. Think about it, what else could possibly satisfy your soul but to walk free and to BE free?

A life of freedom is one that does not accept "IF", "BUT", "TRY", "MAYBE", etc. It is a life of pure INTENT and inspired ACTION.

The purpose of empowerment is to urge you towards freedom, to help each of you to break free of all limitations. It is that freedom that will give you eternal happiness and finally connect you with the unconditional realization of TRUTH.

I want you to rejoice as a bird in the clear sky, unburdened, independent, and COMPLETE in its freedom.

Imagine a life FREE of fear. Just imagine... freedom from the pains and burdens that can easily manipulate your days. Imagine... freedom from the judgments and stereotypes that blind you from many of life's precious gifts. Imagine... the freedom to just be yourself; to LOVE unconditionally.

My friends, freedom is more than just a word and a patriotic concept. It is the purest intent of God. Love, in its most genuine sense, can only flourish if it is FREE. We, as a people, can only flourish if we are free.

You must free yourself and let YOUR TRUTH have no superior!

With just a simple step in the direction of truth, your spirit will soar.

Do It Today! Have No Regrets!

© Steve Maraboli
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Diane said...

"Imagine... the freedom to just be yourself; to LOVE unconditionally."

What a great message...wouldn't it be great if everyone in the world could hear these words? And start to live by them?

Thank you Jim, for sharing Steve's words with us. Thank you Steve!

Alice said...

Jim, what a beautiful message. Please tell Spirit I'm grateful for having received it through you.