Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--July 24, 2009

Small actions can conquer massive inequities. In an extension of our previous message, today will be your day to make one small change that will lead to a beneficial outcome. Only you can make a difference in your path if you are not happy with it. Do not deny yourself of this awe inspiring, God-given ability. There is no reason to have fear about something that has not happened. We want you to think about that. Most people conjure up all sorts of concerns, worries and fears based on imagining all the worst case scenarios of what might happen. Nix them! Instead, use today to add the checks and balances to think about all the reasons you are fearful of going after something you want for yourself. Focus on the joy of success, not the fear of failure! Inaction or procrastination in taking care of the things you should do will only create a chance for you to struggle longer.

Do you want a new job? Go and make a phone call and get an interview! Don’t worry about whether you are qualified or not. Obviously, that is said within reason. Make sure you do not talk yourself out of the opportunity because of feelings of personal insecurities. This is your time to bring good change to your life! We can say the same things about dieting, exercising, spending time doing charitable work, and more. Read and educate yourself on the things you’d like to do but are afraid to try.

Knowledge is a building block to the power of the universe and the strength of your inner self. Connect with Spirit by joining groups that affirm your existence and connection to them. We are your best teachers and can level any inequities provided you have the gumption and courage to take yourself out of your current zone of comfort. Taking action does not have to be frightening because you are enveloped by the love and guidance of those on the Golden Side. Use this to your advantage and connect the threads of this perfect love with your desire to improve. You can accomplish anything you want as long as you take the first step. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.
I will be interviewed and having a conversation on the radio at 9:30am on July 30th on, “IN THE MORNING WITH BONNIE GRICE” on WLIU fm/88.3. You can also listen to it from your computer by clicking on the “events” tab on my website, and then just follow the link.

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JoAnn said...

I have to remember those words "Only you can make a difference in your path if you are not happy with it." Inaction,fear and procrastination describes to a tee how I have been dealing with my current financial situation. Thank you for pointing out that that will only make me struggle longer - ugh! That thought alone will spur me into action.
BUT at the risk of tooting my own horn... after weeks of talking about it - I finally did a Yoga video today! YEAH!
This is a great message Jim - Thank You!

Jim Fargiano said...

JoAnn, toot your horn! It's good to make progressive steps forward, no matter how large or small.