Friday, July 24, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--July 25, 2009

Could you ever imagine that all of life is invisible? There will be times when you may feel as though you are too. You would be correct! If we have you look at all aspects of the body of life called the physical world, you will find that what seems solid will eventually be scientifically scrutinized down to atoms. One atom can be further broken down, thereby becoming even more minute. None of it by itself is visible to the human eye. Thus, the Creation is a remarkable accomplishment. We assert that everything visible cannot be seen, thereby making it invisible. At this point you may be wondering what we are trying to say.

Basically, if you are visible to others that means that the nucleus of yourself--your soul--is doing its job. All beings were made to be seen; to be something special in the universe. You are such a unique part of life, yet most of you will not acknowledge it. If you had no viable reason to be here, then your miniscule particles would not ever be held together at the direction of the soul. Yes, we know that the naysayer will tell you that what we are stressing is not scientifically possible, but those people are generally trying to discount of diminish the existence of God and Spirit. With that in mind, understand how magnificent you are in the eyes of the High Power. Your life purpose is not necessarily to do something extraordinary to leave your mark in the earthly record books.
It is, however, vital to the “Ecashic Records.” This is the recording for all of the universe’s actions, which obviously include you. Now, it is even more important for you to understand that this book of records holds the imprint of your actions on earth. Do you think that if you were not worthy of being entered into this energetic flowchart that you would be in the life you are? The emphasis is for you to realize that you are an awesome creation and well worth God’s time and effort.

Instead of having shared all of the above with you, we could have summed it up this way: The only one responsible for your happiness is yourself. You have been given the vehicle to perform in a physical world. It is entirely up to you which choices you make to enhance, disrupt or in some cases, destroy yourself. Choosing to live by spiritual principles, knowing that the hand of God, as well as the eyes of God are available to you will make your decisions perfect if you opt to improve who you are. It is not up to anyone else to fix things for you. Only your actions and attitude that forge your personal paragon of peaceful, joyful living will make it happen. In other words, you are seen as a blessed child of the energy world; one that optimizes the beauty of the world. It makes no real difference how much you may want to beat yourself up, or blame someone for any misgivings. You are in the harbor of God’s Light and Love. Let all of the Kingdom of Angels be your guide through this tour of human existence. You are loved beyond any capacity that you can know and feel, but we do ask that you share what love you have with others. These are empowering thoughts for you to digest and share. You are never invisible to us! These are also The Spoken Words of Spirit.
I will be interviewed and having a conversation on the radio at 9:30am on July 30th on, “IN THE MORNING WITH BONNIE GRICE” on WLIU fm/88.3. You can also listen to it from your computer by clicking on the “events” tab on my website, and then just follow the link.

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Diane said...

"You are in the harbor of God’s Light and Love." What a beautiful feeling that statement gives!

As soon as I started reading today's message, it reminded me of the book Divine Magic, which is an interpretation of The Kybalion. I was having trouble understanding it, but your message helps a lot!

Thank you Jim, and Spirit, for such an empowering message!

K. Frangeskos said...

Hi Jim,
Such a powerful and encouraging message.
You are a Blessing from God.
K. Frangeskos

Jim Fargiano said...

Diane, I had such a "velvet-like" vibration when they gave me that sentence, that it made me feel very serene.

Karen, Thank you for your kind words.

Diane said...

Yes!! It does make you feel that way! Like the Platters song, "Harbor Lights"...such a feeling of incredible serenity...