Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--July 22, 2009

Be blissful. It has come to our attention that many people assume that their day will be full of anxiety and problems. Why think that way when the opposite is more likely to happen? It is well within your personal power to squash the expectations of bad things. It takes the same amount of effort and energy to expect good things. The universe is full of brightness; full of opportunities and blessings. In fact, we suspect that many of you simply forget this point. Reminders from Spirit are born out of a deep love and respect for each of you individually.

Imagine a life where you never think about anything negative that might happen. Imagine that you are glistening with success, with riches beyond your wildest dreams. These are not things that belong to someone other then you. They belong to you too! When it comes to having great things happen in life, you have to ask yourself one easy, but telling question. “Why not me?” And from the side of palatial love, we say, ‘Why not you?’ You see, we have the need to make you feel loved beyond your comprehension; satisfied beyond any restrictive assumptions that may have been set for you by those not familiar with rightful and infinite expectations.

We used the word, “imagine” a couple of times for a reason. It is because it comes from visualizing something that is not yet here. It is exactly the cause for people to believe they need to have some sort of realistic basis for their dreams to be of superlative quality. The problem with that is, quite frankly, that when you do that you never seem to be able to build on a purpose of prominence. Love, wealth, good health, relations of perfect harmony and so forth are just a few aspects of what can be achieved by all humans. If your neighbors and strangers can have that, does that mean you are not entitled to it? You can have all of it! You can have a relationship where you can grow personally and spiritually with the assistance of your partner; not have them make you feel like you are unworthy or to have you constantly being in a one way compromise of what you value. Beautiful riches are available from the depth of your soul to heights of Godly enlightenment. It all exists everyplace! Accept that it does and you will not have to ask, “Why not me?” These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.
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Jim said...

What a wonderful and powerful message! It seems like almost every one of these messages for the past couple of months has had a special meaning to me!
Thanks & God's Blessings.

Jeanne Schneider said...

As we go through the energies of the eclipse, I spent time focusing on the blessings I have and gave thanks for the past that paves the way to the blessings yet to be. We are created through our true turmoils - those things that happen out of our control - to evolve into a fantastic and blessed new day, if we choose to receive it. We should all feel encouraged to look to the gifts to come without worry of anything negative. Beautiful message tonight! Thanks for delivering it to us.

Diane said...

What a wonderful message Jim! I am visualizing success in everything...thank you!!

Jim Fargiano said...

I thought this message was very strong. I'm hoping everyone who read it will understand the depth of it. Thanks for posting your thoughts.