Monday, July 27, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--July 28, 2009

You are the star in a vast universe. Your infinite qualities of perfection through the eyes of God are worth seeing. Are you capable of recognizing this in yourself? If not, why not? Today, embrace yourself! Celebrate your life! Be encouraged that you are such a special piece of God’s Creation. You are valuable and vital to so many other people. Much of it is for reasons that you could not possibly know, but it is the interflow of your energy with others that makes you important. We love you! Do you love yourself enough to say that when you see your reflection?

Today is a day of no excuses. You are not going to allow someone else’s negativity to dictate your attitude. It is your aptitude that can override anyone who is egotistically trying to hold you back in order to feel better themselves. Divine guidance is not an expression; it is your right to have it absorbed into every fiber of your being. Our deepest wish is that we can make you feel as superb as we want you to be. Trust in your enjoined connection with the High Power.

We are telling all of this to you so that today becomes a new day of grasping perfection and all the things you crave. It will be easier when you ask for help, be it from Spirit or from trusted people in your life. In part, this is one area that most of you need help in. When you reach out to those who have no agenda other then to give you the help or guidance you need, then the burden of frustration and failure is replaced with future optimism and prosperity , as well as a peaceful countenance. It makes no difference how good or bad you may feel at the moment. The well of love from God and Spirit will never run dry. We are your elixir of life; the power that drives your soul. Why not use that and all the teachers on earth as the springboard you need to get you where you want to be? Just make sure you don’t read the words and then do nothing. Act on the desires you want for life! These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.
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Diane said...

"You are the star in a vast universe." When my daughter was born, I bought a little pink shirt for her that said "a star is born." I never knew I could love anyone that deeply, and she was my beautiful little star in my universe.

Spirit thinks of us in the same way, they love us so much! These messages have been so powerful Jim. Thank you for giving them to us!

TivaJoy said...

Love this message today, Jim! I have been hearing this message throughout my life... I know it to be true! :) thank you so much for expressing what you do. I appreciate reading your blog every day. Keep up the open ear, open mind and open heart!

Jim Fargiano said...

We should all be able to keep our children feeling like stars their entire life, Diane. I do feel that it has to begin with how we look at ourself, so apply the gold star to your inner being today.

Tiva, Thank you for your nice comment. I hope to always stay open to what Spirit has to say to us.