Monday, July 13, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--July 14, 2009

Within each familiar feeling resides a yearning to increase and expand your life. Let fear go and not be the reason to hesitate exploring new beginnings. Challenge yourself a little! Look beyond the shadows of self-doubt. Allow yourself to see the brightness of a future that has endless possibilities to receive love, happiness and prosperity. It is only blocked when you stay in the same pattern of familiarity. Instead, use today as the first day to step beyond the web of discomfort so that you can seek the pleasantries that the world has to give.

What you truly need to ask is, “Where and how do I want to be and feel in my life in the future?” Take some time to write down what you think of. Simply thinking it is alright, but it will not make you feel committed to it, where as writing it out will make it seem more tangible. Plus, your subconscious responds to the words when you re-read it throughout the day. Spirit is trying to help each of you to feel rewarded; not irrelevant. You must be able to flow through life feeling as gravity-free as the angels that lift you up. All of this is meant to intend that if you make a choice not to continually live life in the same old pattern, the outcome will flabbergast you. Dreams will no longer be dreams. They will become reality.

With all that stated, it needs to be said that unless you create a path of repetition in your changes, then you really have not changed at all. In the heart of God, your heart is carried. You are never forgotten about, but like the baby horse, the foal must make an effort to stand up and on its own feet before it can gallop forward. This way it will always be able to run with its mother, knowing that staying close to her side will keep it safe and knowledgeable about things it does not inherently know. This is the same scenario with yourself and all those on the side of Golden Light. Symbolically speaking, will you take the time to do the work to make your legs stand firmly under you? Making today a better day requires you to put forth the courage to charge forward. The Light of love races along your side. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.
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Beautifully said, Jim!!