Friday, July 17, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--July 18, 2009

Shifts in life are often great things. During the uncomfortable period that usually takes place during any change, it may help you to think about the end result leading to something far better. You must realize that you are never as alone as you feel. The powerful shadow of infinite intelligence, God, Spirit and the Kingdom of Angels are all wrapped tightly around you. This is because during your toughest days you are our single most important person. If this sounds peculiar, don’t let it.

One of the major points we are always trying to make to you is the fact that no one goes unnoticed or unloved by the sources within the Golden Light. The only time you might feel frustrated and alone is when you isolate yourself during times of duress. All physical beings were born to be social creatures. This is something you should take advantage of. Reach to anyone who is willing to let you lean on them. Do so knowing that you are still the one who needs to ultimately upright yourself. It will come much easier when you do not withdraw from friends, family, loved ones and society. Even those you do not know can offer a healing energy by virtue of a smile, nod of acknowledgement or a random act of kindness.

Perhaps everything in your life is going well. We commend you for achieving this feeling. It then becomes your responsibility to share with others the good fortune you have. While many of you may be thinking about that statement as simply a sharing of finances, we are actually speaking of the eternal gift of love that wells within you. It is far more important to share support, comfort and encouragement for those who are struggling. Know this; Spirit’s infinite and intellectual love and guidance is truly does live within you. Absorb this collage of enthusiastic support! Remember that the power to excel always remains in the crevices of your conscious and subconscious essence. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.
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Jim said...

Today's message hits home. It is what I believe, but still found comfort in hearing. Thanks to Spirit and to you Jim for these words.

nina said...

Hi Jim,
Thanks for this message. It hit home. I am most often the "strong" one and it is difficult for me to ask humans for help when it gets rough for me. It may be a matter of pride, and that is never a good thing. I trust the unconditional Love of Spirit, but people are so flawed. And that includes me too. Is it a matter of acceptance and forgiveness?

Diane said...

I understand what you are saying Nina, asking others for help is hard when you are used to being the one who does give it most of the time. I would rather be the one doing the giving. But what I found out recently, however, is how many people out there are just like you and me, truly willing to give and help you when you need it. You are actually giving back to them by accepting their help. It gives them much joy.

I have been in a situation lately where I felt so incredibly alone and sad, yet I found help from people I had never met before, discovered a new purpose in life, and came to realize how supported I am by Spirit. Life is not easy, but we are never alone.

Thank you Jim, and Spirit, for always making me realize how much support we truly have.

nina said...

Thanks Diane, I appreciate your wise words.

Jim Fargiano said...

It is not always easy to reach out. Many of those who are the "rock" for family and friends to lean on are often the ones most in need of asking for help. Believe me, it makes no difference who you are. Asking for support may seem unnatural, but if you can see your way clear to do that, usually things get resolved more quickly for yourself. There are very few people that this would not apply to.

I'm glad each of you are able to understand yourselves in Spirit's message.