Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--July 20, 2009

Have you ever wondered about why some things do not turn out the way you want? Extraordinary results come from doing the ordinary. With consistency and a positive approach, we can receive better outcomes. Today, try to practice doing the simple things with love. Talk to your friends, family, lovers, co-workers and yes, even strangers, with a view of non-judgment and acceptance of any nice acknowledgement. The most important person in that was not mentioned. It is yourself!

This is a great time not to be second-guessing everything. Of course, the exclusion to that is when you decide that NOT improving and then staying in restrictive, unhealthy ways, patterns and relationships is best. It is not! Be free! Unchain the repetitive, negative aspects of your behavior. If you hurt someone in any way, this is a good day to make amends. Whether this happened years ago or recently should not matter. One of the easiest things you can do to start getting the great feelings you want to experience in life is to recognize that you may have erred in your treatment of someone. The truth is that it makes no difference if it was intentional or not. This is the time to clear your soul and feel your heart!

There is something else for you to think about. We want you to allow yourself to feel loved, first by yourself, then by those who God and Spirit place on your path to help you. Without loving who you are, how is it that you would expect others to love you? It is all about coming to terms with your spiritual growth and path. The less you fight it, the more you will grow and receive the harmonious outcome you want and deserve. Spirit, and all of the Ascended Masters, want only for you to be limitless in your abilities to soar to your highest good. Are you afraid of absorbing more of God’s infinite and successful energy?

When you feel loved by someone unexpectedly, instead of denying it and keeping yourself in a lifelong pattern of self-imposed entrapment, isn’t it a good idea to review where your life has been? Does it make you happy to look at your past? Are you repeating things? Is your present behavior still in a belief system that led to past problems? Can you see your future with the path of joy and unending spiritual and personal love? The only one who can invoke personal changes for the better, is yourself. Keep it simple. Open to the praise and support given to you from the universe. On this day, it is your responsibility make it a better today! These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.

I will be interviewed and having a conversation on the radio at 9:30am on July 30th on, “IN THE MORNING WITH BONNIE GRICE” on WLIU fm/88.3 You can also listen to it from your computer by following the link on the "event" tab on my website below.

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C Ray said...

Wow Jim, I so needed to hear "extroadinary results come from doing the ordinary" That is so powerful for me personally. It also rings true through all aspects of life and cuturally. So powerful, Thanks Ray

Diane said...

That phrase jumped right out at me too, C Ray. It brings to mind so many grass root movements that began with one person fighting for justice against wrongs such as drunk driving, and the resulting changes that took place.

Thanks Jim and Spirit. A truly wonderful and powerful message...

Jim Fargiano said...

That was the one line that stood out for me too. "Repetition of the simple things makes for perfection in the important things."