Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--July 27, 2009

We have spoken about procrastination before, but it always bears repeating that you should not put off your desire to improve. “The meeting for all those who wish to end their procrastination and uplift themselves has been put off until tomorrow.” In a sense, this is unfortunately the sentiment we hear the most from those who need and want to change.

What inhibits you? Fear cannot be the reason, simply because you should not be afraid of living life with the invigoration you’d like. It has not been lost on all of us, on the side of Light, that many times the subconscious thoughts of worrying about your ability to be comfortable can seem threatening to you. We ask that you give that idea some time to sink in. Are you one of those people who say to themselves, “If I get what I want, something will take it away from me.” What about, “If I win the lottery or receive a large inheritance, no one will have to worry because I’ll take care of everyone.” These are in actuality the same message to the universe. You are saying that you won’t be able to handle happiness. This aspect covers numerous points in your life.

It means that people will find excuses to stay in abusive situations and relationships. They stay in a mode of not forcing the issue to be happy. Instead of pounding on doors to look for opportunities that can shift you away from the fear containment, you create excuses. Are you having trouble paying your bills? Do you cut your expenses or find a new job, or do you say to yourself ‘what’s the use’? In another example, many people are brought up in dysfunctional settings, where addictive behaviors destroy self-esteem and more. Do you break that cycle or find seemingly sensible reasons--at least to yourself--to resist embracing what Spirit drops in your lap?

All in all, this is a message for you to lose your fears by taking the time to break each of them down. See if they hold up to the scrutiny of living joyfully, prosperously and in good health. If all you do is expect nothing to change, then nothing will change. The empowering body of God and angels will not let you fail. It is only your lack of effort and procrastination that will cause failure. Know this; the power within yourself to develop a life filled with greatness and love is matched by the power and strength of the Source of Light who are always with you. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.
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Diane said...

Wow...anyone who reads this and procrastinates has no excuse I had better figure out how to fix the areas I tend to allow procrastination to simmer!! ie: my life!! :-)

Wayne Dyer says fear equals "False eveidence appearing real." When I read that it made perfect sense...I mean, exactly what are we afraid of??

Thanks, as always, for another inspiring and amazing message!

nina said...

Hi Jim,
For me the question is, "what DO I want?" It changes frequently. And in many cases I haven't selected those people places and things that are the most healthy for me to pursue. I pray for God's guidance. I ask to get out of my own way. I'm a Libra and I can be all over the map. Procrastination for me is an artform, LOL. I'm surprized I've gotten this far. What to do? What to do? Thanks Jim

Jim Fargiano said...

Sorry I didn't respond to this yesterday, but I was away.

Diane, thank you as always.

Nina, I could be wrong, but I was under the impression that Libras were suppose to be balanced. As long as you keep moving yourself forward, as you are so beautifully doing, life will become what you want.