Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--July 16, 2009

Did you realize that the earth has a way of renewing itself without the help of mankind? When storms ravage barren lands, or fires sweep through and seemingly burn all vegetation into smoldering embers, most people would see this as the end of that area's life. Like you, the environment--animals and plants included--find a way to rejuvenate themselves. They are in universal balance with a deep faith in their own survival.

Very much like the plants and animals, yourself and soul are able to regenerate, even after you may feel devastated by a loss or actions that caused seemingly irreparable harm. All people go through some form of trauma. The level in which it haunts you seems to have much to do with your inner resiliency. When you are parched or feel scorched by some of the hardships you go through, allow the renewal of life to come to you by doing what the plant and animal kingdoms do--simply trust in the fact that they will be provided for. New seeds will flourish and new births will begin again. Just like those examples, when you flow with the fact that the universe will provide for you, then you will become a worthy receiver of rejoice-filled blessings.

Our summation is as follows: you should not expect to survive. Instead, we want you to thrive! It is best done when you understand that even during your worst days, the power to do so is in your ability to see yourself as fertile ground; ripe with the opportunity to renew yourself. It requires patience, but it also requires your effort to process the changes you want. You cannot lay dormant and expect results. However, you can take a steady and consistent approach to reach your goals. The truth is that if you stay as an enabler and co-dependent, you will not advance in this life. If you make incremental changes and do not panic when you begin to see the “rescue” that the Higher Side wants for you, then you will be blessed with love, spirituality, good health; peace and prosperity. Make sure you know that as you go through your life that you envision and feel the arms of God wrapped tightly around you. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.
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Diane said...

Did you write this for me? I did start to panic today when I felt myself slipping. I didn't see that I was actually being "rescued." I have to pay better attention!

Thank you Jim, for your never ending help and guidance!

Jim said...

Today's message has been the story of my last 16 months. Like Diane said, this could have been written just for me. Thanks once again!

Jim Fargiano said...

Based on my e-mails, this message was written for each of us personally. I am still amazed when a particular message resonates with so many different people in the same way.

I do want to thank you, Diane and Jim, for posting your thoughts here.