Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--July 15, 2009

Where could life go if you had wings to carry you? You would be power-driven to elevations and elations beyond your current ability to imagine it. A free soul leads to a life filled with passion. In turn, that enables you to be prudent in your decisions in all facets. You become more accepting of diversity and your need to be validated is thrown out by virtue of the fact that you are free. Living with impunity only comes when you trust the “lightness” of your self and soul. When you decide that your physical life is enhanced by your desire to follow a path marked by love, peace and encouragement, then you are on your way. Freedom soars!

We purposely left out the word “hope” in the last paragraph. Why? While it is important to have hope for all thoughts of success, we often see that as a limiting ideal. If you cannot move past having hope and live life by taking positive actions, then you will stay embedded where you are. It’s time to embellish the best qualities of who you are and what you want your future to represent! All that Spirit requests is that you take the time to magnetize yourself to the extraordinary strength that can be had from putting into motion many of the suggestions given to you in the past. The simplest way to do this is to abide by the gift of love attached to you through all higher powers. Even the angels want to trumpet your success!

Think about what we just told you. As an individual, your importance to the Angelic Kingdom is rivaled by none. When you put your efforts, trust and love in motion, the bond you have with powers much stronger than yourself begin to take shape in a way that allows you to feel excessively blessed, not habitually downtrodden. If you are to do one thing today, let it be that you show your gratitude to the world by showing it to any single person who has made a difference to you. We bless you greatly and are grateful to you. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit. Don’t hesitate to share them with anyone you think needs some reassurance.
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Diane said...

Very powerful message Jim.
"You become more accepting of diversity and your need to be validated is thrown out by virtue of the fact that you are free."

Just before I read your message I was thinking how I seem to need that validation less and less as I feel more comfortable with who I am. I am beginning to trust myself more, knowing how protected and loved we all are by Spirit.

Thank you so much for all of these very valuable lessons and all of your hard work!

maureen said...

I'll remember this when I think of the word "hope"!

Jim Fargiano said...

This message got a lot of interest today. I'm glad you two posted here. I am told all the time how someone "couldn't believe what was posted" because they could completely relate to it. This is the way Spirit works.