Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--July 13, 2009

Spirit called a meeting for all pessimists and skeptics in order to show them how being positive-thinking and confident would change their lives. No one showed up. The pessimists all assumed the information would not work or apply to them. The skeptics all assumed the meeting probably would not happen.

Although we are being facetious, the truth in what we have just shared is that Spirit is always available and trying to improve on your lives. Those of optimistic and self-confident approaches almost always ascertain the strength of their behaviors. What about you? Do you stay rut-bound and resist altering what you do and think to make things better? Making any change can be a bit of a challenge, but part of what makes the physical world such a place of wonder is the fact that the ability to change is constant. All things require effort, so if we are adamantly pushing you to do things so that a rosier energy and outcome arrives, then it is up to you to shift away from what has not been working. The power of the angelic realm of love and light will always, in all ways, be streaming to you.

Today is as good as any day to embrace the infinite wisdom that is shared. Today is as good as any day to resolve all problems you may be experiencing. The might of the Light ignites! Fear of moving into something new should not be considered when what is old is keeping you trapped in malaise, worries and hardships. This is a perfect time to reach out to those who can help you. In addition, when you share your fears and worries in the written form, often you will see that some things are not as bad as you believed. May the golden sparks of the aura of the heavens rain upon you. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.
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nina said...

Thanks Jim,
"The might of the Light ignites". Good stuff! I was using the image of white light today in my meditation to lift me out of some low energy thinking. It did eventually work. Why are some days such a struggle and others so easy and breezy? I would love to have an optimistic and self-confident approach every day! I have to work so hard. Thank God Spirit helps me. And thank you Jim for your help.

Jim Fargiano said...

Nina, I think we could all use someone or something to keep us on track. If life was always "easy and breezy" we would get bored. That's why some of the challenges present themselves to us; to give us a reason to stay focused on how important an optimistic approach is.

Diane said...

Thank you Jim. What a wonderful message...I love the beginning! Change has been a real challenge, but the results have been worth it!

I love this blessing--"May the golden sparks of the aura of the heavens rain upon you." Thank you Spirit!