Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--July 10, 2009

No matter where you are at any moment, you are in the right place for your soul. Only your actions and reactions to the circumstances around you can dictate the level of contentment you have. Life, in the physical realm, is best lived when you are unafraid to share it with the spiritual or esoteric levels. When combined, you will have a better knowing of what allows the inner you to succeed. It spills into every facet of earthly existence.

We are bringing this up for a couple of reasons. The first is to make sure you maintain a level of inner harmony that you are deserving of. The second is to remind you that the path to better living--on all levels--is best walked on with the acceptance and awareness of the universal engine that can more easily create what you need in order to be fully charged and joy-filled. We know that you can have a life full of compassion, passion and prosperity. This encompasses all the most important aspects of your life, especially the ability to be loved. For the general mass of beings on the globe, your acceptance of trusting in the gifts of opportunities that Spirit presents to you will lead you to your highest good.

All we want is for each and every single one of you to embrace the quality of life that you want. You never have to accept mediocrity, nor situations that enable you to be an enabler of unhealthy situations. You must have faith in your inner child to bring forth the enlightenment within yourself, but also to call forth the power of God and the Ascended Masters. They will guide you. The only way for you not to feel uplifted is to convince yourself that you know more then they do. In other words, you must trust in the words and messages relayed to you from Spirit, otherwise you are only abiding by the thoughts and processes that may have already been repeated. Certainly, without the friendship and love from the angels amongst you, true peace is harder to come by. Enact the advice of this message, as these are The Spoken Words of Spirit.
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C Ray said...

Oh man, did I need to hear that! It confirmed some things that have been on my mind. Thank you Jim!

Diane said...

"No matter where you are at any moment, you are in the right place for your soul."

This tells me I am where I am supposed to be, yet I am struggling with the same issues that I want to let go of. Once I do, I think I will finally be able to move forward in my life, in many ways. Does that make sense?

Jim Fargiano said...

Ray, I guess that means you know where you are now...and that you belong there.

Diane, Thank you for bringing so many good points to light in your comments.