Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--April 12, 2009

It is Easter! Today is a symbolic day of freedom and happiness. In spirit, we measure the anniversary of Jesus’ passing and return to the earth plane, not as the finality of a life, but as the beginning of a new life. Like yours, Jesus’ soul lives eternally. Easter Sunday is a day of mourning for some, joy for others, and for more, it is simply another day. Spirit sees it as a day of remembrance and celebration for a physical life that exemplified each aspect of God’s will. Today, we celebrate the energy and rebirth of the High Master as nothing more than Himself!
What we want all of you to do is to quiet your minds long enough to say a prayer of gratitude. Before any of you run to your books, computers, rosary beads or any other “trigger” that you re-use; instead, confidently just talk to us. Your thoughts and feelings are greatly respected. Consider “this today” your personal day of resurrection. Just as it is so widely understood and embraced by the masses that Jesus “arose from the dead”, this should be a reminder that you can also walk away from the issues you no longer need. He had no further interest in a physical body, yet his soul was so strong that he appeared and communicated in earthly life form. Whether you understand it or not, like Jesus, God has made you a gift to the world. This message should not be taken lightly.
Rejoice in the fact that for about two thousand years, people can wrap their minds around the fact that Jesus has risen. No longer does He have pain and sorrow. It was let go and given to God. No longer does He suffer from illnesses; the vile behavior of ignorant people, nor the harshness that a physical incarnation can lead us through. This was truly done as a symbol that he suffered for all of mankind. Perhaps it is more easily stated that you do not have to allow yourself to feel like you need to endure the trauma of life. Our Son has risen so that you can be euphoric that each morning the sun/Son rises for you, creating a new chance to be united with the love, comfort, prosperity and Godliness that is freely ushered to you.
You might be asking what God and Spirit want in return. We ask that you treat yourself with compassion; that you spend less time--or no time--concerning yourself with what you may deem your weaknesses. We ask that you learn from your mistakes and that you do not punish yourself mentally and emotionally if you have made a miscue. God is forgiving, so you should be too! We ask that you treat all of life, from yourself to the people you do not know, as well as the plant and animal kingdoms, with love. God is loving! Lastly, we ask that you live your life filled with the gift of gratitude. Use it for who you are now so that you can become the person you strive to want to be in the future. Most importantly, share your thanks and gratitude with those on the higher realm and especially with anyone who does even the smallest, kind gesture to help or make you feel better. Today, it is your day to feel like you have risen! It is a time of high energy from all of us on the Golden Side. You are alive and graced with the opportunity to allow yourself to rise to new heights and new loving energies. Share the joy! Spread the word! These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.
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Maureen said...

Beautiful message. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Really beautiful. Thank you. Happy Easter!

Diane said...

Happy Easter Jim! This is such a wonderful message. The celebration in heaven must be beautiful today!

Shades of Scorpio said...

Much much appreciated. Happy beautiful day to you Jim (and Masters!)I just so much enjoy coming here daily to see the message.


Jim Fargiano said...

I personally felt that this was one of the more beautiful messages that Spirit has given me. Thank you for making my efforts seem worth it.