Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--April 24, 2009

Spirit reminds you that you are all a work in progress. Never feel disappointed if you think the changes you seek are taking too long to make. A great wine takes time to come to fruition. A grapevine must first be planted as a seed, then take time to mature before it can bear fruit. It is during this process that the sun works to ripen each grape before it can be picked and then prepared to ferment and turn into something liquid. We are using this as an analogy.

You are born from something smaller than a seed. As you geminate and go through your infancy and childhood, once you reach your adolescence you may think you are mature enough to produce fruit, but God knows better. It is only during your prime years--which we are happy to say are many--that you show the world who you are. It is the fruit of your labor that makes you special. The finished product depends on how long you allow yourself to learn and age. Spirit, however, always sees you as perfect. You are the nectar of the universe. Without your efforts, the path and awareness of spirituality would be severely hampered. We want you to be the liquid of what God has invested in you. In other words, if you keep your thoughts fluid, you will find that there is nothing that you cannot navigate around, thus you become a perfect product of your own labor.

There will be some messages we send you that are meant to be slowly digested. This is one of them. All we want you to know is that trickling water can eventually create the likes of the Grand Canyon. This is the power you have. It is up to you to decide whether or not you want to rush your life with no guidance and direction, or gently carve the niche that will allow yourself and others to see you as an inspiring individual. Spirit already acknowledges that you are angels in a cocoon while on earth. As long as you see your spiritual journey to the end, the butterfly will be freed and your wings will take you to great places. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.
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Jim said...

The messages over the last several days have been very powerful and meaningful to me. They almost seem as if they were tailored to my needs. Thanks, Jim, for continuing to share with us.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, inspiring message. Beautiful.

Diane said...

Each day the messages are getting stronger and more powerful...

"You are the nectar of the universe" beautiful!!

and of course I love the analogy to a great wine! :-)

Jim Fargiano said...

It's funny how we perceive things. I wasn't sure when I received the last few if they were that strong, but the feedback I've been getting has been amazing.

Stay peaceful.