Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--April 9, 2009

There is no better time than the Easter and Passover season to remind all of you that you are embraced by the Light and Love of God and Spirit. During the calendar year, there will be a few times when the majority of people recognize it as a high, holy time. Their thoughts are more accepting of the existence of the Higher Power. Likewise, it is our time, from the side of spirit, to honor each of you.

Individually, you are vital. Collectively, like-minded people can accomplish anything they choose to do. Not everyday is the same. Some will be stronger; some weaker. It is you who make the difference in how it turns out. However, in fairness, if more people are harmonizing their thoughts in similar fashion to yours, the amount of goodwill, or bad, takes shape more easily. These next few days are a chance for you to honor yourselves. Honor your beliefs in whatever religious or spiritual tone you are comfortable with. The most important thing here is to look at yourself as having immense value to Spirit, simply because it is true. Share the gift of your powerful thoughts with others so they too can understand this message.

The birth and death of Jesus was an intentional plan; created so that one man’s life would be remembered for millenniums by the “average” person. We put that in quotes because that is the indicator that physical life teaches us. In spirit, we see you as above average when you aspire to gain knowledge and trust in the ways that your guides and angels teach you. Breathe life in through the powers of the rainbow. Each color is radiant with healing energies that will make you feel stronger in so many different ways. Embrace the opportunity to deem yourself worthy of receiving all the good that the universe has to offer you. You are truly worth it! These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.

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