Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--April 15, 2009

Living in the physical world can be vastly rewarding when all people honor the gift of importance that it is. When do you take the time to acknowledge your soul? Do you stop long enough during the day to simply thank God and the universe for giving you the prospect of making such a difference? If not, then you must start the process right now. Cherish who you are, for it is a great piece of society that adjoins when you do. Never feel that you are not vital to the overall aspect of the planet. Your actions make a major difference, but it is the “deference” that Spirit has for you that make you special and unique.

Consider this statement: “When the weak seek help, the meek become the mighty.” If you understand this for its intent, then you know that your guides, teachers and angels in the Kingdom of Love send their assistance to you whenever you need it. Because you are not supposed to have the power to control everything in your path, you do need to reach out. By showing others that you have the fortitude to ring out a cry for assistance, you become a beacon of hope, light and leadership. Any time you need to be lifted up, all you need to do is respectfully and humbly request to be raised up by those in the Light.

Most ill-minded or evil-thinking people are under the misconception that struggles have to be part of your path. While it is important for your soul’s growth, do not try to intertwine that with your right to be happy, safe and loved on the earth plane. Each day, Spirit grows with you. We are here to nurture you in many ways. Basically, we want you to show your strength by confidently growing with us. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.

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Diane said...

I know that my angels and guides have been helping me through all of the adversity and I am so grateful to them. The physical world is really difficult and lessons learned can be so very hard, but there is also so much beauty and love.

Jim, you and your work are a beacon of light and love. Thank you.