Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--April 17, 2009

We begin this note with a simple message of love. We want you to be uplifted by the beauty of yourself and soul. Spirit sees it that way, and you should too! There is no reason to ever think you cannot overcome any and all challenges you are faced with. You are guided toward the Light and love of God, but you need to accept the presence of the power. Why not assume the angels are with you, instead of feeling like you are unworthy of that right? It is vital if you are to discern the importance of these words.

Spirit is always looking to create new opportunities for you. It empowers your soul, as well as it does your physical self. What we want you to do is to take a step back and more or less remove “you” from your normal way of seeing yourself. You will probably be surprised what a good person you are, or have the ability to be. Embrace yourself! Go ahead and give yourself a hug. It’s not like you don’t deserve it, but if you are feeling that way, then we--you and us (Spirit)--have some work to do. And you know what? We will be with you no matter how many times you begin the right path and stop. The reason is that you are priceless; an invaluable piece of the universal puzzle. If we can see you this way, then it is now your turn to do the same. Think and grow rich--rich in all the ways that make you happy and peaceful! Encourage yourself to change one negative thought, one negative attitude. Look at the short-term goals you can achieve now, not the total picture so you won’t feel discouraged by what you may think is an insurmountable task. Let us walk with you! These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.
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Anonymous said...

This fits right in with Thursday night's meditation class and the last several nights of blogs. Keep it coming! Thanks for all the inspiration. It really does help....a lot!

Terry said...

My mother always used to say, "More things are wrought by prayer...". I never believed her but now I do. In recent history I let the Angels in and did they ever show their presence. I found myself going to Jim for a reading and everything and I mean everything unfolded as he said. I had to believe it would and I prayed and prayed and more surprises and miracles happened. Now I believe and the difficult road we were forced to take brought us to a deeper spirituality and miracles. I am now thankful for every thing - everything. Thank you to Jim and your "spoken words" as each day it was a life line. Bless you.

Diane said...

Life was truly difficult for the past few months until I let go and let God have it all. Then life became much calmer. But when the situation appears to become dire again, I forget and do nothing but fret and worry and have negative thoughts.

I love what Spirit said today:
"We will be with you no matter how many times you begin the right path and stop." I will hold on to that and know that everything is happening as it should, and that my angles are walking beside me.

Thank you Jim. Your work is priceless.

C Ray said...

" are priceless and an invaluable piece of the universal puzzle." I love it and really have so many I need to tell that too. Thanks and blessings.

Anonymous said...

I'm feeling so much happier and positive since meeting you Thank you Jim (and Spirit)

Jim Fargiano said...

Thanks to all of you for the continued feedback. I think it is not just a benefit for me, but for everyone else who reads this blog. We're all getting through life together.