Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--April 6, 2009

When we anticipate life, we do so in several ways. Often, it seems that it is done with optimism, but many people put just as much emphasis and more on thinking in negative tones. When we do that, it becomes more plausible to negate the great opportunities that we want to have. Yes, there are plenty of wonderful things in store for each of you. The limitations you place on them is what will make it reality--or not. Choose your thoughts carefully because they are what moves you forward, backwards, or keeps you in a somewhat stuck holding pattern.

This is a good week to zoom in on all the reasons you should feel blessed. It is a high holy time; one that will have millions throughout the world worshipping more intently. You might be thinking that with all the extra prayers coming from people who normally do not, that Spirit would be too busy to help you. The fact is that it is the opposite that is true. The more enlightened vibrations that are received, the more powerfully the energy can from the side of God and Jesus can work for you. We consider this a blessing to us, as it shows that even those who do not give much thought to their spiritual centering throughout the year, come to talk to the Highest Powers.

We bring this up for a reason. Our desire is to have you sharpen your thoughts and deeds. By showing Spirit, as well as yourselves, that living a peaceful and loving life only brings you even more. Feel blessed this day, this week, this day! These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.

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