Monday, April 27, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--April 28, 2009

Life can be awkward at times. It is part of the growing process. Steps may be taken by yourself or others that make no immediate sense, yet in time, all will be revealed. If you are true in your trust in the way the universe works, then you also know that an aura of protection encases you. This is the way of the spiritual path; the way of those who want to reclaim their lives. Blessings are given as you absorb these words, as blessings are always given to those who need it.

Why this topic, you might be asking? It is simple. The world is undergoing metamorphic changes. Ideas are being shared--some good and some that will cause generations of hardships--literally, and many just in your own minds. Fear less, embrace the love of God and Spirit more. Try not to analyze each and every shift in your life. Since there are factually millions of decisions made in each physical incarnation, abusing deductive reasoning will only slow the flow of happiness that is intended for you. Stop and see if what you are doing is helpful to your long-term needs. Remember, that no challenge is ever answered without some sort of reward.

In essence, we want you to be prepared for deep levels of love. Love yourself first! How can you be happy with life and others, whether they are family, friends, acquaintances, co-workers or romantic partners, if you do not love yourself enough to venture forward? Peace needs to come to yourself and soul. It is your right! Let the angels ring the bells of love for you! Quietly embrace the opportunity not to procrastinate when something more powerful is given to you. Fear is a limiting, “stay stuck” emotion. Is that what you want; to remain sheltered in a cave, isolated from the joy that life can bring you? Be all you can be! These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.

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Diane said...

Growing up is not easy, no matter what age we are! You and Spirit are incredible teachers...thank you!

Maureen said...

These words "highlighted" from the message:

"the way of those who want to reclaim their lives"

Anonymous said...

These words cradle and uplift our spirit. It makes me think of large strong hands cupped around a fledging bird that reach up toward the heavens and offer freedom and flight to a novice flyer ready to soar. Are we not oftentimes like that bird ready for take off but we don't take off? Fear, self doubt, recriminations hold us back. Cradled by Spirit's words and love we are inspired.

Lauren said...

Hi Jim,
Thank you again as always things are getting better in my life and Its because of you. You have opened up apart of me that now has to look at things in a different way. The more I do it the better I feel. Thank you.
It doesn't matter what happens anymore I know I can handle it, and I'll be ok.

Jim Fargiano said...

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Maureen--there must be a message in those words for you. Mine didn't highlight on this end.